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Walker Funeral Home Celebrates 90th Anniversary

When Alvin Walker founded a funeral home to bear his family name in 1933, he wasn’t likely considering the enterprise’s success nearly a century later. But, with ownership of Walker Funeral Home being passed down through the family for generations, his successors surely are.

Walker Funeral Homes is celebrating 90 years of service in the greater Toledo area this year, a milestone Keith Walker, Alvin’s grandson and the funeral home’s current chief executive officer, attributes to the high quality of care families receive when they experience the loss of a loved one.  “We’re dealing with a very sensitive subject,” Keith explains, “It’s rewarding to see people begin their journeys of healing after a loss. A funeral doesn’t complete the healing, but what it does do, if it’s done properly, is to begin the grief journey with a healthy start.”

Promises made, and kept 

And Walker Funeral Homes have been doing that properly for a long time.  With a slew of services that help families navigate the grieving process, including personalized farewell events, a private crematory, celebrant services and more, Walker makes promises to its clients to ensure quality care for each family. 

Among those promises is a commitment to respect each family’s budget. The last thing the funeral home wants, Walker said, is for families to remember a loved one’s funeral because of the cost and not because of the experience. Another promise is to make the course of planning a funeral as easy as possible, to remove concerns and worries during the grieving process. 

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“We believe strongly in the value and the purpose and the meaning that comes from the ceremonies and rituals when someone passes away. Friends and family recognize the significance of that life and come together to support one another,” Walker said. “We don’t ever want two funeral events to be the same. We plan each funeral to be as unique as each life.”

Investment in the community is a priority

One of Walker’s main priorities is for the Walker Funeral Homes to reinvest in the Toledo area, which creates another promise. Keith is a member of local chambers of commerce and Rotary Clubs, and he encourages Walker Funeral Home’s staff to attend community events. 

The staff is a point of emphasis for Walker, who said he values and hires individuals who are pleasant, helpful and comforting with families experiencing a loss. He’s proud of the exceptional staff he has assembled during his tenure as CEO. 

With an impressive 90 years of business history in the Toledo area,  Walker is taking time to celebrate that accomplishment while looking ahead to what comes next. At 56, Keith is also making plans for who will succeed him in taking over the family business as it heads towards its centennial year. 

“I’m really just honored that we’ve been able to do it,” Walker said. “We’ve grown significantly over the 90 years and, hopefully, we’ll continue that. We’re providing a service that people value, and that is very gratifying.” 

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