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Toledo area’s First Ladies of Fashion

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress but dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” -Coco Chanel

by Pat Nowak Photos by Michael Nemeth

That should be the motto for every woman. Choose the look that will make you look gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.

Our area First Ladies of fashion all have several things in common – they are all locally owned boutiques, they work with design houses to procure fine fashions and adornment accessories that are fashion forward and they all want you to purchase those looks that will make you look chic and well-dressed.

Now let’s learn a bit about our Fashion’s First Ladies


Pat Meyer

Lily Whitestone

5641 Main St., Sylvania (419) 824-5300 www.lilywhitestone.com What makes your shop unique or special? Lily Whitestone has its own little niche in Sylvania.  We bring top name designers to our clients and we have an artistic and contemporary look that lean toward the simple, sophisticated and understated.  Gifts have also become important and we offer our clients ideas for the perfect hostess gift, something whimsical for a  housewarming  party or just something to brighten a little corner in your home. Who is your shopper? Women of all ages are our shoppers.  We make it a point to have something for everyone.  We are known for our jewelry and what woman doesn’t love to browse through displays of contemporary, architectural and unusual jewelry designers. What are some of the strong trends you see for fall? Fall is amazing.  As always beautiful, luxurious cashmere will be important for Lily’s.  Many of our clients want to know if leggings are still important and the answer is yes. But we are also seeing quite a few joggers (cuffed bottoms pants) and a little wider pant both plain and with a little funk. Who is your personal favorite designer? My personal favorite designer over the years has been Michael Star who began with amazing T shirts and blossomed into activewear, sportswear, shoes and accessories.  Sadly Michael Star passed away earlier this year.  We also have to mention Fly London, our favorite shoe designer, with whom we have been most successful.  Love Love Love them! Amys_Allie-18

Amy Parker

Amy’s Allie

3146 Markway, Toledo (419)-535-8048 www.amysallie.com What makes your shop unique or special? We order small amounts of each piece and almost never reorder them, so the clothing is unique and you’re much less likely to see someone else walking around in your outfit! Most of our jewelry is also made by several local artists and no two pieces are alike. Who is your shopper? Our shopper is truly anyone looking for something different. We often say that customers range from 14-80 and we like to think that we have something for everyone, whether it’s a husband looking for a special gift for his wife, someone trying to find something different for date night, or a girl looking for a great dress for a dance!

What are some of the trends you see for fall? Fall will see a great mixture of textures and patterns like plaid mixed with lace, or a tulle skirt with a basic tee shirt. The ultra-feminine touches peeking out of an otherwise basic piece can really change an outfit.

Who is your personal favorite designer? We work with so many incredible artists and designers that choosing one favorite would be impossible. The unique and unusual always catches our eye, so it changes all the time!


Meredith Sherman

Sophia Lustig and Sophie’s Sister

124 10th St, Toledo (419) 243-5131 www.sophialustigshops.com

What makes your shop unique or special? Sophia Lustig is the longest standing locally owned women’s clothing store in Toledo, opening its doors downtown in 1936.

Who is your shopper? Our shopper is a woman who appreciates quality and values and the personalized customer service she experiences while shopping at Sophia Lustig.

What are some of the trends you see for fall? Pant legs are becoming wider again….the pendulum had to swing back once they got so skinny!  Lots of ponchos, capes and dusters, fringe, lace, fur and added frills.

Who is your personal favorite designer? I love Max Mara for its classic sophistication, Paule Ka for its flirty feminine details and who doesn’t love a cozy Vince sweater and jeans for the weekend.


Keri Suhy

Vivian Kate

102 Lousiana, Perrysburg (419) 872-5070 viviankateshop.com

What makes your shop unique and special? Vivian Kate brings the finest in contemporary fashion from top designers and offers an edited product selection allowing customers to view the very best pieces.  We have developed a reputation for being able to dress three generations of women: the grandmother, the mother and the daughter.

Who is your shopper? The Vivian Kate customer is a chic, sophisticated woman that likes to be noticed and doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd.

What is on trend for fall? Boho chic with a definite nod to the 70’s era.  We’re seeing a resurgence of wide leg trousers and jeans. Also, it is all about dancing fringe. Look for it on sassy dresses, chunky sweaters, moto jackets, sophisticated blouses, and even edgy clutches.  Fall is also all about being pretty in plaid.

Who is your favorite designer? My favorite designer that we carry in the store is Milly. It’s one of our more luxurious lines. She transforms classic silhouettes into advanced contemporary fashion with a feminine edge.


Cindy Witzler

Elegant Rags

109 Lousiana, Perrysburg (419) 873-7247

What makes your shop unique or special? We try to have one-of-a-kind items and to carry unique lines of clothing. This gives the customer a reason to come to Elegant Rags.  We get to know our customers so when I’m at market I can buy with specific people in mind.

Who is your shopper? The thirty to ninety year old woman that wants to look great for any occasion. Our shoppers are confident people so wearing clothes that fit and are stylish makes anyone more confident.

What are some of the trends you see for fall? Ponchos are coming on strong. I think there will be a lot of maroons and berry colors also. Dusters are also becoming popular. A lot of people can wear this long sweater or coat look, they just have to try it on.

Who is your personal favorite designer? I love clothes, so it depends on the occasion and my mood. Classic designers have their place, as well as designers that step out of the box. I’m interested in everything.


Carol Matrisciano

Chic Happens

5693 Main., Sylvania (419) 517-0008 chichappensboutique.com

What makes your shop unique or special? My shop is unique because I do alterations on my merchandise so it has a custom fit.

Who is your Shopper? I have teenagers right up to senior citizens that shop in my store.

What are some of the trends you see for fall? I shop on the west coast and for fall they are featuring a lot of western styles. Aztec sweaters and western looking boots and  accessories.

Who is your personal favorite designer? My favorites lines include RYU, Areve, Blu Pepper and Trend Notes.


Jane Wurth


5632 N. Main, Sylvania | (419)-517 5053 103 Lousiana, Perrysburg | (419) 872-4850 ragazzaboutique.com

What makes your shop unique or special? My shop is unique because I shop for my customers internationally at trade shows in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Dallas. We also have many Canadian manufacturers and we are now traveling to Montreal;we bring the world to you!!!

Who is your shopper? My shopper is the woman who doesn’t want to see herself “coming and going”…wearing the same sweater that her neighbor got at the chain store at the mall…she wants to be unique, fashionable and in affordable clothing.

What are some of the trends you see for fall? The trends for fall are:  the color eggplant, the fringe look, lots of thick chunky sweaters and slim pants but seeing a little widening of the legs.

Who is your personalfavorite designer? My personal favorite designer is Joseph Ribkoff; he designs a fantastic product with an impeccable fit for women!

A point that all our first ladies agree on is that you should have fun with your wardrobe and step out of your comfort zone. Wear what fits well but remember to dress in looks that make you appear confident.

Be careful not to fall victim to fashion trends – adopt only what is flattering to you. Also, remember less is more when it comes to accessories. You need to use only one dramatic piece as the focal point and not much more – it’s like art! But most importantly – walk out of the house with a smile – it can make a ho-hum look so much better!

When you think fashion; think LOCAL – our Fashion First Ladies are there to assist you with your wardrobe choices. Offering style choices with dynamic accessories.

Be sure to stop in and say hello today.

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