Mother’s Day Gifts


Many of us do double duty on Mother’s Day – we are both mothers and children.  We both give and receive on Mother’s Day— gifts from our children and gifts for our own moms. What should we give her? This is an online operation that sends questions for your mother to answer. She writes an answer, and then it is sent to her children and saved for a book at the end of the year. The questions are designed to document your mother’s life through stories. What was your favorite trip ever? What was your first job and what did you learn from that job? Were you one of the cool kids in your teens? The prompts encourage long responses. Get to know your mother and preserve her life for yourself and your own children.

Flowers. Mothers Day is the first safe day to plant outdoors. Buy your mother some plants and if gardening has become difficult for her, do the planting for her— under her instruction. Native plants are a strong suggestion as these help our planet and are beautiful.

If Mom does not have a garden, seek out a locally-owned florist for a bouquet to give. Be sure to ask the florist for flowers that will last at least one week. Mom probably has many vases, so if you want to save money, buy just the flowers and help your mother arrange them in her own vase.

Tickets. There are plenty of great events mom would love— the theater, baseball, and more. You can check our calendar at for all sorts of events happening in and around Toledo, and follow the online links to prepay for and reserved tickets. Make sure you place the event on your calendar because Mom will want to attend it with you!

Birding. Why not take your mother to see some beautiful birds? Mother’s Day falls in the midst of the amazing week when the warblers migrate from south to north through our region (  You do not need to know how to bird to enjoy the spectacular display of colorful, active warblers. The Great Migration

Tea. It’s sort of a girl thing, but we bet Mom would enjoy it if you took her for a visit to  Clara J’s Tea Room in Maumee (

Picnic in a park. Mom may enjoy a well-prepared picnic in one of our local parks. You can do the cooking or take advantage of one of our fabulous restaurants to prepare the food.  \All you need to do is pack table linens, table settings and maybe even a cushion for Mom to sit on!

Breakfast. Breakfast in bed probably won’t work at our ages, but just breakfast certainly will! Take Mom out or make her a special meal at her home, or yours. It is certainly a treat to have someone else take care of morning food needs.

Incorporate the Grandchildren. Mothers love their children but they love, love their grandchildren! Do your best to bring the “grands” along for whatever you do to treat your mother as the special woman she is on Mother’s and every day.