Mobile Mammography Van: New Mercy program aims to make detection easier


Breast cancer affects hundreds of women every year. It is said that 127 women each year out of 100,000 become diagnosed. 

Recently, Mercy Health created a mobile mammography van for women over forty to get screened for breast cancer. A mammogram detects whether women have a lump or tumor in the breast. 

If detected early, there is a much higher chance of surviving and removing cancer. The American Cancer Society stated that 99% of women survive when in its earliest stages. 


Some common symptoms of breast cancer include discharge from the nipple, a lump or mass in the breast, change in appearance or size, and scaling or peeling skin. If any of these symptoms seem relevant, it’s important to take time and check with local healthcare providers. 

Risk factors like age, gender, family history of breast cancer or other related cancers, radiation exposure, and the age in which women had children, increase the chance of developing cancer. These risks do not guarantee that a tumor or cancer may become present, but the likelihood is much higher. 

Some women choose to prevent the risk of cancer by removing their breasts through a procedure called a mastectomy. Although it is entirely up to the patient, getting a mammogram test may save both money and a life. 

In order to get a mammogram exam from the mobile van, an appointment is needed. Call 1-833-MAMMVAN (833-626-6826). The exam takes about fifteen minutes, a short amount of time for a potentially life saving check-up.