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January Home Maintenance

By Lisa Alleman

Add these home maintenance tips to your 2021 Resolutions

The holidays are behind us once again along with December’s flurry of activity and family focus.
As we begin another year, the care of our homes is a worthwhile focus. These January Home Maintenance tips will help you start the year out right!

Avoid the drip
Bruce Wixey, owner of Wixey Home Contracting of Monclova, advises that an easy way to avoid emergency repairs is to manage the water that is shed from your home. Check that gutters are clear and that water is draining away from the house. Making sure that all pipes are able to withstand single digit temperatures combined with double digit winds may keep a costly repair at bay. Being proactive can be as simple as opening a vanity door to let the warm air of the house circulate around a vulnerable pipe. Covering a pipe with some extra insulation or turning a space heater on will keep the wind chills from giving you a rough start to the new year.

Let it snow
We haven’t had many megastorms in recent years, certainly none of the magnitude of the Blizzard of ‘78, but if extreme winter weather does strike, will you be prepared? To avoid an emergency situation, make sure your furnace and humidifier are serviced and filters are changed.

Placing a snow shovel by the doorway, gassing up the snowblower and having an ample supply of snow melt products will keep you ready. Read the label carefully on snow melt products to avoid harm to concrete or your pets.

Post-holiday Rx
Common areas of the house can become unkempt during holiday festivities. Clear out your refrigerator. Toss holiday leftovers and expired food and wipe down those shelves! If your oven and stovetop did a little overtime, this is a great time to give them a deep clean. Using a degreasing cleaner will give your entire kitchen a wonderful shine.

According to Toby Barta of Lake Chem Dry, residential carpet and flooring are subject to more wear and tear than usual, due to people being home more than ever.
Facing the upcoming winter months inside, commit to cleaning and sanitizing flooring as a healthy course of action.

January home maintenance may not sound like an exciting New Year’s Resolution, but accomplishing these suggestions will give you a sense of satisfaction and a safer, healthier home.

DIY kitchen degreaser
and cleaner:
n 2 cups hot water
n 2 tablespoons Dawn
(original blue) dish soap
n 1/2 cup Borax
n 1/2 cup vinegar

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