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Hospice of Northwest Ohio – 40 Years

The end of life, in many cases, is a process.  Sometimes slow and painful, sometimes confusingly quick.  Families grieve the nearing loss of a loved one and want to do what is best for that person.  For 40 years Hospice of Northwest Ohio has been here to help explain and make understandable the process of dying.  Through expert care by dedicated, knowledgable doctors, nurses, caregivers and others, the sick are treated with great dignity and love and families are provided the education, hugs and guidance needed to find peace.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio has been helping patients and families since 1981.  It’s Mission is to:

…provide specialized medical, emotional and spiritual care to people of all ages – living with any end-stage illness – in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Equally important, we also provide support and education to their families and caregivers.

The Mission is fulfilled through adherence to its stated values of compassion, dependability, dignity and respect, expertise, education, honesty and integrity, teamwork, responsiveness, and sustainability.

Cost of Hospice care is generally covered by insurance and if not, help is available.  Contact number is 419-661-4001 and website is www.hospicenwo.org.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio will go to the patient’s location and also offers two in-patient facilities. Both are beautiful, large, safe, surrounded by exquisite gardens and peaceful. In addition, they contain family rooms, dining areas, spiritual space  They are located at 30000 East River Road, about halfway between Perrysburg and Rossford, and at 800 South Detroit Avenue, Toledo and are open 24/7.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio is a charitable non-profit organization. 100% of donations will benefit the organization or a project the donor specifies. 

We celebrate Hospice of Northwest Ohio’s 40th anniversary.

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