Hospice of Northwest Ohio searching for new visitation volunteers


Hospice of Northwest Ohio is currently searching for volunteers to perform visitations either in patients’ homes or at one of its facilities.

There are two Hospice facilities located in Northwest Ohio. One in Toledo and the other in Perrysburg.

All volunteers will receive proper training before starting, while volunteers who will work directly with patients, either in their homes or at a care facility, will receive additional training. Adult volunteers typically spend approximately four hours, or less, per week completing their volunteering tasks.

Michelle Power, vice president of human resources of Hospice of Northwest Ohio, oversees the volunteer and education programs at each location. Power said Hospice is searching for volunteers to expand its visitation program of helping patients in a variety of ways, including providing breaks for their primary Caregivers.

“Visiting patients is the assignment but we actually refer to it as companionship”, Power said. “When our volunteers will visit with patients who live in their home, or perhaps they live in a nursing home, (they) provide companionship (or) provide respite times for the caregiver so that the caregiver can run out and run errands.”

Power also noted some qualities that Hospice is searching for in their volunteers include patience and good listening skills. Often volunteers are those who are willing to give back or have had previous Hospice experience.

Teen volunteers are also needed.  Typically upward of 40 teens from high schools around the area volunteer at Hospice of Northwest Ohio. They visit with patients and their families and help facility staff carry out their tasks. Generally, teen volunteers work after school or evenings and only four hours each month. They go through orientation and training process before they begin.

Hospice is specifically searching for volunteers who are willing to work with patients living in Lucas, Fulton, Henry, Wood, Ottawa, Sandusky and Monroe counties.

For more information and to volunteer tHospice of Northwest Ohio, visit https://www.hospicenwo.org/landing-pages/main/volunteers.