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Health & Wellness: Expert advice on how to start off the year fresh.


New Year’s resolutions are for kids. At MLiving, we’re interested in a more mature tradition— kicking the decade off with a newfound sense of resolve. Whether you crave motivation or require encouragement, local specialists lend the best advice for a bolder, braver and healthier you in 2020.

Craig Poupard


Toledo Indoor Garden
5520 Secor Rd.
419-725-2450 | Toledoindoorgarden.com
9am-9pm, Monday-Friday. 9am-7pm, Saturday. 10am-6pm, Sunday.

Craig Poupard

What do you offer to someone seeking health and wellness improvement?

When our customers come in asking for health and wellness improvement, we like to offer them some of our CBD products. We have seen it work on many different people over the years and naturally gives relief. We have many kinds of CBD that you can ingest or use topically, such as oil tinctures, capsules, balms, gummies, honey sticks, transdermal patches, vape pens and more.

I’ve always loved gardening, but I am new to indoor growing. How can you help a beginner like me?

At Toledo Indoor Garden, we like to start our new gardeners off slow and simple. We won’t overwhelm you with a lot of knowledge or products that are not necessary but will make sure that you are walking out with the correct equipment, nutrients, soils, and, most of all, knowledge for your garden’s success. We are always here for our customers to answer any type of question they might have from seed to harvest and will help in any way to make each crop successful.

What are some of the advantages of growing produce and herbs indoors?

Growing produce at home not only can be therapeutic but also cleansing. Knowing where your fresh vegetables and herbs are coming from gives you peace of mind that they were grown with no pesticides, are non-GMO and grown organically. Being able to walk over to your countertop and cut fresh basil off for dinner is a great feeling and makes cooking a lot more fun too.

Do you have a New Years’ resolution?

Yes, to stay active and to get more people around me to become active as well. I would also like to see more people in our area, jumping into gardening indoor and outdoor to lead a healthier lifestyle. With so many recalls on things as simple as romaine lettuce, we can all do our part and grow our own this year and leave those nasty contamination’s behind!

Lisa Kelly PT, CSCI, C-NDT

director and owner

Winner of 2019 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Physical Therapy, Best Balance Rehab and Best Rehab Facility!

Alternative Physical Therapy
Toledo: 2526 N. Reynolds Rd., 419-578-4357.
Perrysburg: 28442 E. River Rd., 419-578-4357.

Lisa Kelly

What’s the difference between treating the symptoms and treating the cause?

At Alternative Physical Therapy, we take great pride in determining the CAUSE of your issues versus “chasing symptoms.” We try to clear associated areas of concern to normalize and maximize functional results. Thus, achieving more rapid and long-lasting results. Our “Whole Body Approach” often helps our patients feel more limber and more youthful then they have in years, allowing them to participate in their more favorite activities. I haven’t exercised in years.

How can I get back into the routine?

Research has shown it’s never too late and suggests that exercise at any level is the real “fountain of youth.” We discuss your goals as well as take a thorough history and conduct a detailed evaluation. We will determine any obstacles to your improved health and mobility, remedy them and instruct you in a simple but progressive home exercise program while providing supportive Physical Therapy care as you progress and/or return to work.

What are some of the most common issues you encounter with your practice?

A common issue patients present with includes pain and lack of flexibility, which is interfering with their sleep, their home chores, or work functions. Often these symptoms have gradually been “creeping upon them,” and suddenly, they are discouraged. They don’t want to resort to possibly addictive pain medication or surgery unless necessary. 90% of the time, we can help these patients resume their previous lifestyle, often remarking that they “FEEL 5 YEARS YOUNGER!” We certainly enjoy the smile on their face when they graduate and admit they thought they were never going to be able to do those things again— because they thought they were getting TOO old

Karla B Gleason

Physical Therapist

NOMS CPW Health Care
3130 Central Park West Dr., Suite A.
419-841-9622 | nomshealthcare.com/locations/toledo

Karla B Gleason

Is physical therapy only for people who were recently injured?

Absolutely not! Physical Therapy is also effective for those who like to take a prophylactic approach to their health. For someone with an on-and-off problem with one area of their body, it is better to seek help as soon as possible before it becomes a full-blown issue. Many injuries are preventable with the help of a physical therapist.

What are the benefits of a therapeutic pool?

The benefits of a therapeutic pool are numerous and significant for people of all ages. Because NOMS CPW has the warmest therapy pool in NW Ohio, it is excellent for helping people improve flexibility, control pain, and work to get their function back quicker. The warmth of the water plus the buoyancy helps people move with more comfort so they can begin to exercise and move in normal patterns faster than when working on land. Therapy pools also help those dealing with edema issues in the legs because of the mild compression from the water. It is also possible to get an aerobic workout in the water if one is ready for that. Exercising in a therapy pool is also excellent to help reduce stress and promote relaxation!

Tell us about one of the most impactful experiences that you’ve had with a patient. What was it like?

My favorite experience is when a patient walks in the door with a severe amount of pain, and they leave with it either gone or nearly gone in just one session. Every single time a patient leaves feeling better than when I saw them is impactful to me and reminds me why I love my job so much!!

Mike Coulter

owner and Physical Therapist

PT Link Physical Therapy
Visit one of nine convenient area locations.
419-559-5591 | ptlinktherapy.com

Mike Coulter

What’s the difference between treating the symptoms and treating the cause?

A symptom can be a sign of many different things. For instance, a neck issue might cause hip pain, so we wouldn’t resolve the actual problem if we only treated the symptom. At PT Link, our Multi-system approach allows us to define the problem, or problems, and treat all contributors— not just the symptoms.

Tell us about one of the most impactful experiences that you’ve had with a patient. What was it like?

As many physical therapists can tell you, our favorite part of our job is seeing someone in major pain or limited significantly due to a disability fully recover and return to full pain-free function. I’ll never forget Charlie, who was experiencing low back and leg pain so bad that he came in his first time in a wheelchair, barely able to walk with a walker. Thankfully, when he successfully graduated from our PT Link clinic, he was not only pain-free and walking, but back to regular exercise and had returned to work full time. I can’t lie that it does still feel great after 25 years as a PT to be able to help people like Charlie!

What do you offer to someone seeking health and wellness improvement?

We begin with a full evaluation of your flexibility, strength and functional movements. Then, we address your individual goals and design a custom program for you for physical therapy, along with dealing with any pain and limitations. We instruct you through the program with the hope that you will continue this afterward so you can treat yourself and maintain wellness in the future.

Often, some of the best things that we do to stay healthy seem to have nothing to do with health.

What are some of your favorite surprising ways to stay healthy?

Our approach is more than just physical. We enjoy getting to know the patient and support them on their journey. We laugh, sing, and, most importantly, smile to ensure everyone feels like part of the PT Link family.

Timothy Ryan

Ryan Pharmacy and Orthopedic Supply
3340 Dorr St.
419-531-2836 | Ryanpharmacy.com

Timothy Ryan

How did you get your start?

I started working for my father in 8th grade. Helping him with the newest part of his business, orthopedic supplies. I worked for him on a regular basis when I turned 16.

What is your favorite aspect of your business?

The best part of the business is the customers. There are so many people that struggle with daily activities. When we can help them live a better life everyday, that makes it all worthwhile.

What is one of your most memorable moments when interacting with a customer?

I was helping a gentleman who was a Tuskegee Airman. He has so many great stories and incredible tales to tell.

My business makes an impact because:

Our employees have the knowledge and compassion for others to really make a difference.

What is the most important part of your morning routine?

Exercising and eating a good breakfast.

Dr. Christy Lorton

Runner-up in 2019’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Dermatologist

ADA Aesthetics & Dermatology Associates
12780 Roachton Rd., Perrysburg.
7640 W. Sylvania Ave., Sylvania.
419-873-6961 | Adaaesthetics.com
419-872-0777 | Daohio.com

Dr. Christy Lorton

When it comes to skincare products, where can I save, and when should I splurge?

There is no need to splurge on a moisturizer. But anti-wrinkle products, such as growth factors, antioxidants, and retinoids, should all be from reputable skincare companies such as Skin Medica, Avene, and Alastin.

What is one anti-aging treatment that is best suited for beginners?

A sunscreen with antioxidants in the same formula, such as Skin Medica’s Defend and Repair cream, is a great option.

Do you use any health, fitness, or mindfulness apps?

I love the Sleep Cycle app and the Pacer app.

What’s one thing you wish you had learned earlier?

Do NOT get excess sun! NEVER bake in the sun!

How will you start off 2020 fresh?

Walk more, sleep more, eat healthy foods. Same as always!

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