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Carpets by Otto Transfers Leadership While Staying in the Family

Since 1969, Carpets by Otto has worked to become the top flooring retailer in the greater Toledo area. Founded by Otto and Dee Weik, the business is now undergoing a transition of leadership – while still keeping it in the family.

Kelly Brown, daughter of Otto and Dee, along with her husband Michael Brown, are taking over Carpets by Otto.

Transitioning Leadership

After more than 50 years of ownership, Otto and Dee are beginning to retire. Instead of selling Carpets by Otto or closing up shop, Kelly and Michael decided to step in and take over the reigns. 

“It just was time to just decide were we going to be all in or what was it going to be?” Kelly said. “Because if my husband and I weren’t making this choice, Carpets by Otto would be closing its doors. We just realized it’s not time.”

As of January 2023, Kelly and Michael took over all operations. Kelly is vice president, and Michael is Chief Information Officer. Though ownership still belongs to Otto and Dee, who are both still very involved in the company, that will eventually transition over to Kelly and Michael, too.

Prior to taking over operations, Kelly was working in the art industry with her own business, and Michael was a systems architect. The two feel that with Kelly’s creative, right-brain nature creating the showroom designs and dealing with the flooring and Michael’s technical, left-brain talents with computer software and finances, they create the perfect duo to run the business.

Strong Services

The flooring options with Carpets by Otto are plentiful. You can get carpet in soft, comfortable textiles; hardwood with rich, traditional character; laminate with stylish, affordable solutions; luxury vinyl with high-tech, durable beauty; tile with sleek, trendy classics; and area rugs with endless design possibilities.

Carpet rolls
Carpets by Otto has a large showroom.

Carpets by Otto offers many services, but before you even think about flooring, the company will give you a free estimate from its professional selection service; provide you with financing through simple payment plans for your renovation project; and help you find special coupons to save on flooring.

Beyond making the sale and installing flooring, Carpets by Otto will help you with vacuum cleaners, custom carpet binding, free measurements and a shop at home experience where you can meet with designers and decorators in your own home with samples. Additionally, the business offers a visualizer tool so you can see on your mobile device just how different various kinds of flooring will look in your home after installation.

Kelly and Michael have plans to further the business through innovations like text updates on the status of your order, figuring out new local vendors to partner with to gain new designs and much more to come.

“My parents made it work, and it’s worked this whole time,” Kelly said. “But the new innovations will help our customer experience.”

Building Relationships

But Carpets by Otto always prides itself on going a step further than just its laborious services. Customer service is the top priority for the company, particularly creating a community around the business. Be it through customers, suppliers and staff, Carpets by Otto makes sure to form strong relationships throughout the area.

“I’m excited in keeping Carpets by Otto at the same level of quality products that my parents established,” Kelly said. “We’re always updating our showrooms for customer experience and bringing in new things. We have a really great community, so that’s all going to stay consistent as well.” 

Kelly and Michael are proud of the customer and vendor relationships they get to continue building, but another part of what makes this so special for them is that they get to work together.

“I think even the employees like that the both of us are kind of taking over the operations because we each bring a different aspect to the company,” Michael said.

The Carpets by Otto family
Kelly and Michael are excited to keep the business in the family.

More than anything, though, Kelly and Michael are excited to carry on the strong legacy Dee and Otto created with Carpets by Otto.

“It’s our honor to do this, for what my parents established,” Kelly said. “It’s a big undertaking, but we’re in it together and the future seems bright.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit carpetsbyotto.com.

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