The Magical Andrew Martin


Local magician Andrew Martin has been performing magic in the area for over 35 years. Andrew was born in Toledo and grew up in Temperance, Michigan, and remains a household name in the area. Andrew has perfected the art of blending magic and comedy into a perfect show that entertains audiences of all ages. He regularly performs at birthday parties, corporate events, library and public events, and at restaurants around the area. He is also a featured performer for American Cruise Lines. Andrew has turned his career into a family business and shares his love of magic with his son, Eli. Eli is now 26 and has been doing magic since he was 18 months old. He regularly travels to perform his shows. Andrew and Eli were also featured on ABC’s TV show “Wife Swap” in 2008 alongside the rest of their family. They were contacted by a representative for the show who was seeking a magician, and found Andrew and his family to be the perfect fit. Andrew loves performing both locally and across the country to share his magic and brighten people’s day. 

Q: How did you get started in the magic business? Was this always something you wanted to do?

A: “When I was a kid I was first really into music. I tried to learn how to play guitar and other instruments but I just couldn’t get it. When I was about 10 years old, there was a commercial out for TV magic cards. I got them and I was hooked. That was it.”

Q: What was the first magic trick you ever learned?

A: “The one I was really successful with back in grade school was called the magical block. It was this little red block. You would put a penny in someone’s hand and wave the block over it and it would change into a dime. It was a really cool trick.”

Q: What is it like performing in the Toledo area?

A: “I recently did a show for preschool age kids and their families, and that was a lot of fun. I really enjoy the close-up magic, too. Anything that can make somebody smile and lift their spirits a little bit, that’s always a good feeling. I was even at Costco pumping gas the other day, and a few people noticed the magic sign on the back of my car. I started doing magic for them while I was pumping gas. I always have a trick on me and I try to do magic wherever I go.”

Q: What is it like to share your magic business with your family?

A: “My son Eli has been doing magic since he was 18 months old. He started following in my footsteps and doing magic, and when he was a kid he would tagalong and we’d do shows together. We perform together once in a blue moon now, but a majority of the time he’s at one place and I’m at another. He has branched out a lot as he got older.”

Q: How have you expanded your magic business beyond the local scene?

A: “Both Eli and I do a lot of shows outside of the Toledo area. We are both performers for American Cruise Lines and I travel a lot to Iowa to perform on the Mississippi River boats. Eli travels to New York and performs on the Hudson, too. We do shows in Michigan and Indiana and have really branched out. I’m not just the local magic guy.” 

For more information on Andrew Martin and his magic shows, visit his website or contact him via email at