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Snow Angels Create Safe Environment for Toledo Residents

Winter weather can create hazardous environments for the elderly and people with disabilities. Toledo has created a program to counteract that problem. 

The City of Toledo’s Snow Angels Shoveling Program works to make a safer environment for Toledo’s elderly population and residents with disabilities. 

Snow Angels volunteer to remove snow from sidewalks and driveways for residents who cannot afford snow removal that are 60 years or older or disabled.

Along with fostering community relationships, this act relieves the stress after a heavy snowfall, keeps residents safe, and leaves a path for those outside during the winter weather – like postal carriers, firefighters, police officers, and other neighbors,” per the City of Toledo.

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The program kicked off last year and was well received by Toledo residents, inspiring many to participate and give back to the community. 

“Thanks to the support of our generous residents and community partners in last year’s pilot program, this year’s number of participants and volunteers has already surpassed the previous season. Hundreds of our neighbors are in need – sign up to be a Snow Angel today,” Valerie Fatica, Disability Manager for the City of Toledo, said.

Over 300 Toledo citizens have signed up to be a Snow Angel, according to Major Wade Kapszukiewicz. 

Volunteers are paired with up to 10 residents to remove snow from their property. 

“Our city relies on the support of its residents, and the Snow Angels Program showcases that community spirit. As we kick off the second year, I encourage volunteers to join us in keeping our sidewalks clear and our community connected during winter,” Mayor Kapszukiewicz said.

Residents are not guaranteed a snow angel. If you have been matched, the City of Toledo will notify you by phone or email. Residents are asked to allow volunteers 24 hours to remove snow from their property after a weather event occurs. 

Request a snow angel by calling 419-936-2020 or visit toledo.oh.gov/snow-angels.

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