SinceraTM Palliative Care – Caring for the Whole Person


Since 2008, Sincera has provided palliative care to more than 5,800 people in our community. Through partnerships with area hospitals, cancer centers and physician offices, the program addresses the needs of patients with serious, chronic illnesses who are continuing to seek treatment.

Among the most common patient concerns that the Sincera team ad- dresses are pain, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, sleep loss, constipation, anxiety and depression. The team also facilitates in-depth conversations about disease progression, treatment options and goals of care.

Leneata’s Journey

57-year old Leneata McCoy is grateful for the interventions and guidance she has received from the Sincera palliative care team over the past year. “I prayed for help and truly believe that God sent these amazing people to me,” she shares.

Life changed for Leneata five years ago when her husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Shortly after that Leneata’s younger sister and mother were both diagnosed with breast cancer. Then, in May 2021 she was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. “Cancer is scary,” says Leneata. “I am lucky that my son is a nurse at UTMC and told me to ask my doctor about palliative care right away.”

Her oncologist referred her to Sincera who joined Leneata’s care team and immediately went to work addressing her physical pain, numbness and tingling as well as emotional and spiritual concerns.

Connecting to Resources

Unfortunately, Leneata was let go from her job for missing too much work due to her cancer treatment. Losing her job, meant also losing her health insurance. “The Sincera social worker was so helpful to me,” she shares. “She addressed my anxiety and emotional stress, and also helped me secure financial resources so I could pay my bills, continue my cancer treatments and follow through with a planned surgery.”

Following a double mastectomy, Leneata experienced some pain and numbness. “I just called Sincera and the nurse made recommendations to adjust my medications,” she explains. “I just love every member of the Sincera team and I am grateful for this excellent service that has supported me and improved my quality of life.”

Sincera’s services are provided in hospitals, patients’ homes or at our consultation office within Hospice of Northwest Ohio’s Toledo Center. They are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. No one is turned away due to the inability to pay.

For more information about the program or for help seeking a referral from your physician, call 419-931-3440

Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Or, visit