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Reduce Fear of Falling with Area Office on Aging

The fear of falling can keep many older adults at home and inactive, reducing their quality of life. The Area Office on Aging’s Matter of Balance 8-week program, starting Jan. 22, 9:30 am to 11:30 am, is created to increase your quality of life by reducing the fear of falling.

“Matter of Balance is a program that is really designed to help and reduce falls and hospitalizations from falls and it’s been proven to do so,” Justin Moor, interim CEO of Area Office on Aging said.

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During the program, participants learned techniques and skills to reduce the fear of falling and live more active lives. 

Around half of the older population has a fear of falling, according to Moor.

“So a lot of times, we see older adults who maybe have a fall that may or may not have resulted in hospitalization or broken bones or anything like that. But then psychologically, it kind of gets a fear of falling in their mindset and they start to decrease their activity levels,” Moor said. “Because those things that they used to enjoy doing. They no longer are doing are no longer doing as much because of that fear of falling.”

These fears can reduce their activity, resulting in not only a loss of strength and balance but a loss of social interaction due to individuals being afraid to leave their comfort zones, Moor explained. The loss of social interaction can lead to isolation, depression and anxiety for older adults. 

Reducing this fear of falling can lead to more social interaction, creating a better quality of life for older individuals. 

Participants will engage in both classroom and exercise-based education during the program, learning tips, tricks and techniques to reduce falls.

Join the Area Office on Aging every Monday starting Jan. 22 until March 18, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am for Matter of Balance at the Michaelmas Manor Apartments, LP, 3620 Schneider Road.

If you are unable to attend Matter of Balance, the Area Office on Aging has many other events geared toward improving health and quality of life, including programs geared toward individuals with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis or chronic pain. Visit their website for a full list of events.

For more information on Matter of Balance, visit https://areaofficeonaging.com/event/matter-of-balance-7.

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