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Editor’s Note – July 2021

Hugs.  I can’t give or receive enough of them!  Long, rub-your-back hugs.  It feels so good to touch and hug people outside of my small quarantine group. I’ve hugged family, friends and strangers since the bans were lifted.  Each hug reminds me how much I need personal touch to feel fulfilled.

I have also really enjoyed visiting restaurants again. And judging by recent crowds at  locally-owned restaurants, I am not alone.   While the food and service is, of course, important,  hearing the noises in the eateries and watching other diners laughing and enjoying being out is really significant for me.  The sounds of life happily moving along is very uplifting.

I doubt things will ever feel exactly the same as they were before 2020, and maybe that is OK.  

I expect that we will all be a bit more insistent on protecting our personal space in the future.  While I missed being close to some, I still love strangers to keep their distance.

We all shared an experience which has the potential to bind us and provide a basis for understanding each other.  We must try to understand and be respectful of each other.  Maybe, start with a hug.

Be Kind,

Kyle Alison Cubbon

Assignment Editor

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