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Editor’s Note

Greetings from my backyard. If you have read my notes over the past couple of years, you know I love to be outdoors surrounded by Mother Nature’s gifts. Today, I am breathing in the sweet smells of my flower gardens and listening to the birds, especially a cardinal who apparently has much to sing about. A gentle breeze, slowly caressing the foliage, makes this a perfect moment.

To enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors, in this issue, we spotlight places to visit that offer outdoor activities. Many venues focus on the 50+ generation, providing us with valuable and enjoyable experiences. In keeping with my love of everything outdoors, our Dining Guide directs you to great patios. All are accessible and we share our notes on noise levels and smoking rules.

As a lover of nature, I do my part to keep our planet sustainable. I cultivate native plants and refrain from using poisons for weed control, I recycle. Please visit our website and read our article with suggestions for little, and easy, things we can all do to reduce waste, harmful chemicals and other bad-for-the-environment agents. Use some of these tips to help our planet by doing your part.

Make sure you check out our Local Businesses section in this issue, where area businesses share their expertise with you.

Enjoy this issue of MLiving and don’t forget to sign-up for our weekly email newsletter @mlivingnews.com so you receive our updated content every Thursday!

Kyle Assignment Editor

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