Ask the Expert

It’s not always easy to discuss sensitive issues with others, but
it’s important to make sure to know where you stand. Whether
you need a financial advisor or a health professional to help
you navigate difficult times, trust is priceless. Meet some of our
area’s best experts, who offer advice you can count on.

Toledo Clinic Facial
Plastics and Dermatology
4235 Secor Rd. 419-479-5797.

Dr. David J. Kouba

What is the most popular cosmetic treatment you offer at the Clinic, and why does it help? Botox is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure. It is safe and effective and has been available for decades with a proven track record. The Botox medication relaxes the muscles in the face that cause wrinkles, such as around the eyes (Crown’s feet) and horizontal forehead wrinkles and even the “angry 11’s” between the eyebrows. With regular use, Botox injections give the patient a more relaxed, peaceful and youthful appearance.

What is one thing each reader can do to improve the health of their skin? One thing that each reader can do is to perform nightly and regular maintenance treatments to their skin. Most people do nothing but over the counter moisturizers for decades, then come to me when their wrinkles become intolerable. If people start using Tretinoin (a prescription vitamin A derivative) nightly in their thirties and receive regular lunchtime laser peels 2-4 times yearly, then most of these issues can be avoided and at minimal cost.

Ohio Living Swan Creek
5916 Cresthaven Ln.

Tim Phillips, Executive Director

How difficult is the transition from living independently to a life care community for the average individual? What can Swan Creek do to ease that transition? The transition varies based on where the average individual is when he/she is looking into making a move. I often see a higher success rate in those individuals who are proactively looking to move rather than waiting until they get older or a crisis arises. Ohio Living has 100 years of helping seniors’ transition from their homes in the community to one of our 12 Life Plan Communities across the State of Ohio. At Ohio Living Swan Creek we
have knowledgeable and caring employees that will help guide the resident and their family’s step by step through the process. Assistance that ranges from initial home visits, communication on effective ways to downsize, getting plugged in and with services and activities on campus.

Does living in a life plan community benefit an individual’s connections to their family? With our dedicated employees overseeing the day to day physical, mental and spiritual needs of our residents it allows their loved ones to come on campus and have a meaningful visit. Often, we see adult children playing the role as the primary caregiver prior to moving in. I’ve heard so many times over the count of my 12 years at Ohio Living Swan Creek that the adult children say they can now simply be the son or daughter rather than
having to worry about their loved one. Ohio Living Swan Creek provides
our residents with an opportunity to engage with purpose while giving
their loved one’s peace of mind knowing they are not only being cared for, but thriving.

Toledo Metro Federal Credit Union
1212 Adams St. 419-242-4926.

Sariah Flynn, President and CEO

Can you explain the difference between a bank and
a credit union? Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. They are run by a Board of Directors, made up of credit union members, who are democratically elected by the membership. Our not-for profit status allows credit unions to offer products and services that are more competitive than other financial institutions and ensures that annual profits are returned to the members in the form of higher dividends, or invested directly back into the credit union, instead of being paid out to stockholders. Credit unions work together to further their unified cause of People Helping People.

What is the Metro 55 program, and how can it benefit credit union members? Members who are 55 and older that have established a relationship with Toledo Metro Federal Credit Union, through services such as direct deposit, receive certain benefits through Metro55. These benefits include free checks, money orders and notary services, among others.

If I’m struggling financially, what services does the credit union offer that can help me get back on my feet? Toledo Metro is committed to improving the financial well-being of our members by educating them on proper money management. We offer online financial education resources as well at credit counseling services. In addition, Toledo Metro offers courtesy pay for short term assistance, low-cost personal loans for longer term assistance, and our new DRIVE program which is designed to assist members who have had credit problems in the past obtain an auto loan with reasonable rates and terms.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio
800 S. Detroit Ave. 419-661-4001.

Sara Chambers, BSN, RN, CHPN

When is the right time to call Hospice? Hospice can help patients with any progressive life-limiting disease such as cancer, heart, lung, kidney and liver disease, dementia and neurological disorders – who are no longer seeking curative treatment and whose life expectancy is six months or less. Do not let the timeframe stop you from calling for an evaluation. The length of time a patient stays in hospice care is a clinical decision and can exceed six months. One simple question we ask clinicians and caregivers is “Would you be surprised if the patient died within the next 12 months?” If the answer is “No,” the patient is likely ready for hospice care. Common indicators that someone may be eligible for hospice include: frequent or repeated ER visits and hospitalizations; uncontrolled symptoms; increasing need for assistance to complete activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, etc.); or suffering from multiple ailments. Hospice care addresses not only the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual needs that many patients face at the end of life. Choosing hospice care allows patients and families to spend quality time together for however much time is left.

How much does Hospice cost? Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurances. This includes the interdisciplinary team, medications, equipment and interventions that are related to the terminal diagnosis. At times, patients receiving care in the inpatient setting may incur a room and board fee. This is determined by the patient’s level of care and will be fully explained upon admission. Hospice of Northwest Ohio turns no one away due to inability to pay.

Walker Funeral Homes
5155 W. Sylvania Ave. 419-841-2422

Keith Walker, President

What time is best to begin planning for one’s own services?
We never know when death will occur. For that reason, it is best at least having an idea of what is desired early in adult life. As far as planning specifics, I suggest when people are in their early 60s. Planning is as easy as sitting down with one of our preplanning counselors. They effectively explain all options and help with
choices and decisions. Once the planning is complete and the
decisions are made, people are often quite relieved. Family members
are generally most appreciative at the time of death when planning
was done in advance.

What is an aspect of the funeral process that most families seem unprepared to deal with, either financially or emotionally? Regardless of the situation the finality and irreversibility of death is
something for which almost everyone is emotionally unprepared. I have frequently heard the children of someone who was ill for years prior to death say they thought they were prepared but after the death they realized they were not. There is really nothing that can be done about this. My only suggestion is to treat the people in your life well, so you have no regrets when they are gone.


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