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Toledo Welcomes Historic Peace Boat Golden Rule

Golden Rule, the historic peace boat, will be docked in Toledo from Aug. 10 through Aug. 13 in order to promote a nuclear-free and more sustainable future. 

This boat was initially launched in 1958 with many anti-nuclear weapon activists aboard, intending to obstruct the nuclear weapons tests at the time in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. After the Veterans for Peace restored the boat, the Golden Rule continued to sail, symbolizing a peaceful and sustainable world.

On the first day of the Golden Rule’s arrival in Toledo, Aug. 10, a press conference will be held with Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, local Toledo leaders and Veterans for Peace and Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition representatives. This press conference will be held from 4 pm to 6 pm, where the public can learn more about the history of the Golden Rule and its current mission of promoting peace. 

On Aug. 11, the second day of the visit, from 10 am to 3 pm, visitors will have an opportunity to go on the boat and tour the Golden Rule. On this tour, visitors can meet the captain and crew, walk around the ship, learn about the Golden Rule Project, and even set sail on the Maumee River if weather permits. After boat tours close, a Golden Rule Picnic and Fundraiser will be held from 5 pm to 8 pm at Middlegrounds Metropark.

The next day, Aug. 12, from 12 pm to 2 pm, a film screening and panel discussion titled “Making Waves: The Rebirth of the Golden Rule” will be held to start a conversation about peace, sustainability and listening to the captain’s and crew’s stories. During the discussion, attendees will also have the opportunity to organize and sign a petition or write a letter to a representative.

A few hours later, from 3 pm to 6 pm, more boat tours will be held for more people to meet the crew and walk around the boat.

On the last day, Aug. 13, from 8 am to 9 am, there will be a blessing of the boat ceremony that marks the departure of the Golden Rule from Toledo, leaving behind its mark of promoting a nuclear-free world and a peaceful, sustainable future. 

The Golden Rule Boat Tours and events will be held at the Promenade Park Portside Dock. For more information, visit toledo.oh.gov/news/2023/07/19/city-of-toledo-to-welcome-historic-peace-boat-golden-rule.

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