Classic Movies You Didn’t Know Were Streaming

  We will be updating this list of Classic Movies Every Week!  NETFLIX: The Stranger (1946) AMAZON PRIME: His Girl Friday (1940) HBO MAX: Casablanca (1942) AMAZON PRIME: The African Queen (1951) HBO MAX: Citizen Kane (1941)  DISNEY PLUS: Fantasia (1940) HULU: GoodFellas NETFLIX: Groundhog Day (1993) YOUTUBE: The Pride of The Yankees (1942) NETFLIX: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) NETFLIX:Memphis

All the Reasons Why This Probate Ploy Isn’t a Good Idea

If you decide to transfer any of your assets (ie. real estate, accounts, personal property) to one of your children during your lifetime,  after you die, if that child dies before he/she follows your wishes to divide the asset between your children, the asset transferred to the now-deceased child will be transferred to the deceased

Laura Zitzelberger: Decades of helping animals

Laura Zitzelberger recently stepped back from her role at Nature’s Nursery a bit. She’s been involved with Whitehouse, Ohio’s wildlife rehabilitation center since co-founding it in 1989 with her friend Deb Cooper. She’s worked as the Nursery’s Director of Operations since 2006. But now, Zitzelberger works remotely as she has a lung condition so must

A Safe Bet: Hollywood Casino Toledo Reopens

Toledo’s Hollywood Casino reopened Friday, June 19 at 6 am. An announcement from Justin Carter, Vice President and General Manager, explaining the re-opening notes that the capacity on the gaming floor will be limited to 50% coupled with the installation of floor decals and signage to enforce social distancing guidelines.Table gaming seating will be limited

YWCA Northwest Ohio provides domestic violence support during COVID-19

While the shelter in place mandate is difficult enough for most people, there is a section of the population that is particularly hard hit by this aspect of the COVID-19 crisis— those vulnerable to domestic violence. YWCA Northwest Ohio wants to remind the public that if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence,

Lourdes offers new online Lifelong Learning courses

A deeper understanding of Islam, sustainable energy sources and more are some of the subjects that members of Lourdes University’s Lifelong Learning Program can learn more about via their upcoming online courses. In response to COVID-19, all in-person classes and lectures being offered by the program have been indefinitely postponed. However, members of Lifelong Learning

Ice Skating Downtown

One Sea Skate offers a fun way to get some winter exercise.

Museums To Beat The Wintertime Blues

Spend an enjoyable day at a museum and beat the wintertime blues!