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What’s In My Shopping Cart? Health Foods by Claudia

Grocery shopping can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re grabbing a last minute ingredient, stockpiling food for the next week or two from a massive list or simply dodging the crowds, grocery shopping stress can be lessened by keeping some staple items on hand at home. Health Foods by Claudia’s supplement specialists provide information about their favorite products, and why people should shop at Health Foods. 

Janet Albright

Age: 54

Item list: 

  • NaturesPlus Collagen Peptides
  • true grace Whole Food Vitamins
  • North American Herb & Spice Oregano Oil
  • MaryRuth’s Women’s Multivitamin Gummies
  • Natural Factors BioCoenzymated Active B Complex

I enjoy NaturesPlus collagen, it doesn’t have any taste and it mixes well. Collagen itself is a great product, and I particularly like this brand. 

The true grace company is a clean line of whole food vitamins that have fermented vitamins inside. You can take them on an empty stomach and they won’t make you (feel) sick. They’re also environmentally conscious.

I love Oregano oil . . .  it’s a great antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial. You can use it all year round, and it’s one of the best products I can think of for immune health. 

(Women’s vitamin gummies by)  MaryRuth — she’s all over social media (so) a lot of people know about her. The … gummy, it’s easy, has a good flavor, with not a lot of sugar, and it’s a clean product.

My all time favorite (product) is from Natural Factors: the Active B. It’s a coenzyme B Complex so your body doesn’t have to divert it. It doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, but sometimes the niacin in them can make you heat up a little bit, but that’s no problem. 

Why shop at Health Foods? 

“We all love what we do here and I love the products we sell.”


Rhonda Collins

Age: 51

Item list: 

  • Divine Living Kimchi
  • Enzymedica Digest Spectrum 
  • Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery Cheese Curds
  • LaClare Creamery Pepper Jack Cheese

The kimchi, along with all of Divine Living’s products, are out of Bryan, OH.  We love to support local, plus these foods are good for the belly. 

For those who don’t eat good things for the belly, there’s a line of products called Enzymedica that has a digestive enzyme that helps you process products with less healthy ingredients. 

Another brand is Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery out of Wauseon that uses grass-fed cows to create these local products. Turkeyfoot Creek makes cheese curds, slices of cheese and ice creams. 

Another cheese I like is LaClare Pepper Jack Cheese, also family-owned, and LaClare has other great dairy products to choose from.

Why shop at Health Foods? 

“It’s a wonderful place to shop. We have good energy here, clean products and we support a lot of family-owned businesses.” 


Shelly Durkin

Age: 58

Item list: 

  • Just Ingredients’ Snickerdoodle Protein Powder
  • Just Ingredients’ Guava Mango Electrolytes 
  • Just Ingredients’ Tropical Paradise Pre-Workout

I choose Just Ingredients products, a company out of Utah, because they are a family owned business. The owner has an entire line of protein products that she started because she was sick herself and needed to make sure she was practicing clean eating. 

When Just Ingredients uses flavors in her protein products, those flavors come from real food – not flavor additives. She sources her protein from New Zealand, and started a pre-workout line, too. 

She also has electrolytes. A lot of us are dehydrated, because people do not drink enough water, but your water needs to have minerals in it. These products are not only for people who are regularly exercising, but they’re for all of us that need more hydration.

Why shop at Health Foods? 

“We have awesome products and we’re a family owned business. You gotta support local. All of us love what we do here.”


Kayla Hite

Age: 27

Item list: 

  • Frontier Certified Organic Dandelion Root
  • Tea Balls
  • Ancient Essence Honeysuckle Rose
  • Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha

Dandelion Root is from our awesome bulk herb section. You can make any of them into tea, and they’re very economical. When you buy a tea ball, you can add the herbs right and steep them in your tea. 

I also enjoy smelling good, and a lot of fragrances are not good for our health, but the Ancient Essence brand is all natural — all oils and a really nice blend. 

And, Ashwagandha: it’s a great supplement for stress and energy. This Himalaya brand I love because it’s organic. 

Why shop at Health Foods? 

“It’s a wonderful local store. It’s fun to work here – all the employees are friendly, and you can’t  find these holistic health products in many other stores.”


Check out the Health Foods shopping cart TikTok, below: 


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