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Get Your Body Moving Through Local Dance Classes

Want to know some fun scientific facts about dance and our bodies? 

  1. Dance music stimulates the orbital frontal cortex of the brain which is a major reward and pleasure region of the brain. 
  2. Dancing boosts your serotonin levels. 
  3. Music activates the cerebellum located at the base of the brain. The cerebellum is involved in coordination and timing of movement. 
  4. When we hear music, our supplementary motor area prepares us for action.
  5. Dance has a long list of physical health benefits including:
    1. Improving the conditions of your hearts and lungs
    2. Weight management 
    3. Stronger bones
    4. Improving memory, attention, and the ability to focus  
    5. Improving balance and spatial awareness 
    6. Greater self-confidence 
    7. Better social skills 

If this doesn’t make you want to get out and try dance, perhaps knowing all the wonderful opportunities in our areas will. Dance is a relationship with your body. It’s self-expression and creativity. It’s community and engagement. And, by golly, it’s pure fun. 

Freeform Dance 

For those intimidated with the competitive or skill-building side of dance, here is a special find for you.

Freeform Dance is an hour and fifteen minutes of improvisational movement that allows you to express your own individual style. Freeform involves spontaneous, instinctual movement intended to free the mind and connect deeper within your body. There is no choreography. The only guideline is to allow the body to playfully, curiously explore the rhythms, melodies and wonderful community around it. 

This class is offered at Handmade Toledo once a month led by Joni Johnson. It begins with a sharing circle, slow, mindful movement & stretching. The class crescendos into ecstatic dance then slows down and flows into stillness and sharing. A truly unique experience. Every class is different, and the playlists are carefully curated to give you many rhythms and sounds to connect with. For more information on this class, email Joni Johnson at joni.johnson77@gmail.com

Structured Learning 

If you’re looking to further your dance vocabulary, coordination, and skill, many dance studios in our area offer a variety of classes in both private or group formats. You do not have to have a partner to participate; a single person can find a partner in the group classes. Costs vary depending on the studio. 

Aegela Centers for Middle Eastern Dance

This studio offers Bellydance, one of the most ancient dance forms in the world.

1700 N. Reynolds, #203, 517-918-9547, aegela.com

Daryl Jervis Dance Studio

This studio offers adult Lyrical, Tap and Jazz. 

7575 Sylvan Towne Drive, 419-843-9000, daryljervisdance.com

Hanf Dance Studio 

This studio offers adult Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap and Beginner Jazz. 

1829 W. Sylvania Ave., 419-475-1616, hanfdancestudio.com

The Ballroom Company

This studio offers American Tango, Argentinian Tango, Waltz and Rumba, for recreation and competition.

2558 Parkway Plaza, Maumee, 419-893-1850, theballroomco.com

The Toledo Tango Club 

Learn the art of Argentine Tango, a romantic and dynamic dance form.

6662 Providence St., Whitehouse, 419- 877-5988, Toledo Tengo Club on Facebook

Toledo Ballroom

Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and West Coast Swing are all offered for singles and couples.

6365 Monroe St., 419-690-3897, toledoballroom.com

Paulette’s Studio of Dance

For Ballroom, Latin, Argentinian Tango and pole dancing.

4853 Monroe St., 419-344-9211, dancetoledo.com

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