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Get Discounts Across Ohio With Golden Buckeye Card

One of the perks of getting older is all the discounts. Seniors receive discounts for entertainment, dining, health, travel and more across the United States. Ohioans can save even more with a Golden Buckeye Card.

All Ohio residents 60 years of age and older and residents 18 to 59 years old with a disability are eligible to receive the Golden Buckeye Card.

The card offers ‘Golden Buckeyes’ discounts at over 20,000 local and national businesses statewide. 

“The Golden Buckeye program has been helping older Ohioans and other eligible adults make community connections for more than four decades,” the Department of Aging wrote on the website.

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Over 150 Lucas County businesses offer discounts to Golden Buckeye Card holders. Toledo cardholders can receive discounts for home improvement, veterinary care, health and wellness, dining, travel and more. Find the full list of discounts offered in the Toledo area on the Department of Aging website.

Ohioans with a valid state driver’s license will automatically receive a Golden Buckeye Card via mail when they turn 60. If you are over 60 and did not receive a card, or if your card has been lost, stolen or damaged, your name has changed or the name on the card is wrong, submit the form on the Department of Aging website to receive a card.

If you are an Ohioan 18-59 years old with a Disability you must sign up in person for the Golden Buckeye Card. Most public libraries and senior centers offer this service. Please call ahead before you go and bring your Ohio Drivers License or State ID card, and one of the following: “a Medicare card in your name,” “SSI or SSDI acceptance documentation” or “a copy of a document certifying permanent and total disability issued by any state department, Ohio public employee retirement system (STRS, PERS, etc), or any federal retirement system.”

For more information on the Golden Buckeye Card, visit aging.ohio.gov/about-us/learn-about-golden-buckeye/get-a-golden-buckeye-card-1.

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