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Walk the Land at Woodlawn Cemetery

With the warm weather in full swing, people are trying to find ways to get outdoors and enjoy it. Luckily, Woodlawn Cemetery is offering a great way to soak in the sun and get some exercise.

Woodlawn Cemetery and Arboretum, 1502 W Central Ave., is hosting a walking program called “Wednesday Walkers.”

This program, which is now in its 11th year, is a 2-mile walk around the cemetery that takes place every Wednesday at 9 am. The program is running now through October 25 so participants can enjoy the fall weather, too.

The walkers will have guides available to tell them about the arboretum and many trees around the cemetery. The guides will highlight one tree each week, too.

Woodlawn Cemetery and Arboretum has many winding paths, slight hills and small bodies of water to accompany its already scenic property. After operating for more than 130 years, Toledoans are well-versed in paying respects and loving visits there to those who have passed.

Woodlawn Cemetery statue
Everyone is welcome at the cemetery.

The cemetery was founded in 1876 and originally had 160 acres outside of city limits. As leaders in the Toledo community passed away, their families would bury them at Woodlawn with intricate mausoleums and statues. The city of Toledo began to build up around the cemetery grounds, further embedding the property into the fabric of the city.

To further appreciate Woodlawn Cemetery, the property was recognized as a National Historic Site. The board of trustees is working to continue the legacy of the cemetery through beautification projects, community outreach and programs like the Wednesday Walkers that engage Toledoans.

For more information on Woodlawn Cemetery and Arboretum or to participate in the Wednesday Walkers group, call the cemetery at 419-472-2186 or visit its website, historic-woodlawn.com.

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