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Shopping at The Sight Center

Since 1923, The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio, a non-profit, has offered clinical and in-home services to those with all levels of vision loss. From a low vision clinic to daily living adaptations, there are tons of options to help all ages live independent and enriched lives. 

The Low Vision Clinic assists those with vision loss so substantial that traditional vision services like glasses, surgery, or medications are no longer useful.  The services are customized to each person. The Sight Center also provides daily living adaptations to help people live individually and enjoyably. They guide people through working, performing home tasks, or being involved in their community by showing easy steps and tips to do these things confidently. These services are also open to children. More specific needs are addressed with home safety, assistive technology and mobility training. These services show how to behave individually and use products to enhance  safety and education. 

The Sight Center includes an on-site shop with various types of assistive products for healthcare, games, kitchen, glasses, lighting, and more. Shopping is made easy with the help of a professional staff or get a recommendation from qualified optometrists, case managers, rehabilitation therapists,  and mobility, technology and low vision specialists. The shop has popular products that can help in everyday activities or serve as entertainment. 

In addition, The Shop at The Sight Center stocks the essentials for low-vision needs like canes, magnifiers and other interesting products. For example, a  liquid level indicator that buzzes and vibrates as a drink fills to prevent overflow.  Also, a variety of games with braille (poker, Skip Bo, and dice) are sold. For sports, a bell basketball and soccer ball are available that ring while in motion. The magnifier pendant can be used to closely view menus or labels when away from home while serving as a stylish accessory. If you can splurge, just point the OrCam My Eye 2.0 to immediately read text, identify people, or find personal items. This can store information like familiar faces and credit cards with a simple point of the device. The shop is a great place to stop in for the latest technology or assistive staples after you’ve visited The Sight Center. You can also shop online on their website

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