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Red Bird Sylvania Hosts Inaugural Plein Air Festival

Red Bird Sylvania is hosting the first inaugural Sylvania Plein Air Festival in early August to enhance Sylvania’s cultural community. 

The festival will run in downtown Sylvania from Aug. 1 through Aug. 4 through the day and early evening and 5 pm to 8 pm on Aug. 4 through the normal Red Bird Art Walk.

Red Bird Sylvania is a local non-profit organization that acts as the center of Sylvania’s creative culture. In the past, Red Bird Sylvania has held many events and galleries to display local artists’ artwork. However, this will be the first “Plein art” festival, a century-long practice derived from French impressionists taking portable easels and setting them up outside and painting in nature for hours. 

To withhold this long-term practice that has gone on for centuries, the festival’s first three days will involve artists and anyone interested in painting outside in designated scenic locations throughout downtown Sylvania at all times of the day. 

On the last day, August 4th, there will be a Friday Art Walk, a final exhibition and an award ceremony that is open to the local artists and the public held at Fuller Art House, 5679 Main St., and Hudson Gallery, 5645 North Main St. At the exhibition, the paintings will be open to view, purchase and put local artists out in public view. 

This Plein Air Festival will hopefully show that there isn’t a certain method or way to paint; one can go outside of their home and paint what they see, engaging the artist within. 

Overall, Red Bird Sylvania’s goal for this event is to bring artists and patrons into their towns as a cultural attraction while also having a competitive and educational element. 

For more information, contact Katie Cappellini at 419-410-7222 or katie@redbirdsylvania.org, or visit the event’s webpage via redbirdsylvania.org/plein-air/

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