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Vacation Preparation Tips

By: Autumn Vasquez

When planning for a vacation, whether it’s to a sunny beach or a winter cabin, there are always many things to consider. The excitement of it all can often lead to forgetting important things for the trip. Don’t let this be you, take a look at these tips to help prepare for your next getaway!


Make sure your wallet is packed and equipped with all needed items such as cash, credit cards, (ID)entification Card, and health insurance information. You should add important phone numbers in the event that you lose your cell phone.


When traveling outside of the country, it is very important to pack your passport. And even if you don’t plan to go, you might while you’re away!  


If you prefer a  camera, rather than your cell phone for picture taking, don’t forget film, and maybe even add a pencil and notepad to manually document all your favorite moments.  

Pets, Plants, Mail and Newspaper

If you plan on being away for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to have a family member or close friend check on your house while you are away. This may include feeding pets and checking for mail, newspapers or packages and even watering plants. 


You don’t want to forget this gem at home! Pack them to rock out to your favorite tunes, listen to movies on the airplane or simply to create pleasant noise while on your journey. 


Forgetting chargers at home can put a halt to our lives, considering our reliance on technology. Pack chargers for phones, tablets, and watches. 


It’s a good idea to arrange all needed medication into a pill organizer for convenience during your trip. They can be found for less than $10 on Amazon. A list of your medications in case of emergency also wouldn’t hurt. 

Check the weather

It is important to check the weather of your vacation spot during the dates of your stay. This way, you can pack clothing accordingly. You should also base your shoe selection on predicted weather and events during your trip. 

Flashlight & Batteries

Plan for the unplanned by packing a flashlight and batteries. This can be helpful if you are having car troubles, or are in an emergency and need help. We know your phone has a camera, but it it is dead or lost, you will be glad you packed a small flashlight.


You should pack your favorite snacks for your journey, enjoy them while on the road or while walking and enjoying the scenery of your vacation!

COVID-19 safety

Be safe on your vacation and pack a face mask, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes for any frequently touched surfaces.  Also, pack a couple of COVID self testers.

Sunglasses / Binoculars

Block out the blinding sun by packing stylish sunglasses to wear on your trip. Binoculars are a great addition if you are site-seeing! 

Toothbrush and Toiletries 

Toothbrushes are often forgotten, although very important for dental hygiene.  Pack your brush, toothpaste and other daily essentials.  Many of them can be found in travel size at local grocery stores.

Pack lightly

Most people buy clothes and souvenirs while on vacation, so be sure to pack lightly. It will make the trip home much easier.


A great vacation can become even better when accompanied with a good read. Pack your favorite book to read when you have downtime on your trip.

Your Phone

Make sure you don’t  leave home without your fully charged phone.

Credit cards and Cash

Sounds crazy, but people forget their money!  Make sure you let your credit card company now you are traveling so they do not put a hold on your card.

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