Fit and Healthy – Healthy Diet


While there may be disagreement about how to get there, everyone agrees that a healthy diet is very important to good health.

One of the oldest and most sustaining guides to healthy eating is provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture – My Plate.  The website,, shares quizzes, detailed explanation tools, tip sheets, 1074 recipes, and more aimed at helping you eat nutritiously and healthfully.  There is even an app to download so the information is available at the grocery store and restaurants.  The site is compatible with Alexa as well.

I consider myself fairly well versed in eating healthy food yet my quiz results suggested I need to step up my game by adding more vegetables and grains.  I guess we can always double-check ourselves and learn.

The site contains special sections for all age groups including older adults.

This well-designed, educational, helpful site is worth your review.  

We are going to eat, so maybe now is a perfect time to check what we eat to make sure we are providing our body with the necessary nutrition it requires to maintain or improve our health.