The Toledo community is getting better at working together which might, in part, be due to the efforts of Nina Corder, a 2021 regional Jefferson Award winner. Nina is the whirlwind and spark behind Women of Toledo, an organization that provides networking and professional development opportunities to women of diverse backgrounds. Their latest initiative, HerHub, is one more tool to educate, engage and empower Toledo area women. Through HerHub’s online search engine, women can make connections with one another, find support services, search for volunteer opportunities and support local women-owned businesses.

Why HerHub?
As the Managing / Program Director of Women of Toledo, Nina is expected to complete a varied list of duties, which has helped her to realize that despite her passion to serve, she has limitations. Canvassing the community, Nina recognized the variety of area organizations / businesses that serve women. HerHub was developed as a way to bring those resources together in one online plat- form so that women can search for what they need in one place. “I am always searching for someplace where I can belong,” says Nina. “This was developed so that we can all find where we belong.”

Although HerHub’s initial focus was to help newcomers transition to the Toledo area, today it is truly a digital platform for all women of Toledo. Anyone can go to and find descriptions and contact information for nonprofits serving women, women owned businesses and local women authors. For those who list their organizations and businesses on the website, additional networking opportunities and a library of resources to help with business development, marketing and finances are offered.

“HerHub broadens the landscape for all women by providing a way for them to connect with women they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to know.”

Making Toledo home
Nina’s passion for connection began as her life took a turn while she was in college. As a UT international student from Malaysia, her plans to return home after graduation were interrupted when she met her future husband, a native Toledoan, during her senior year. Nina’s decision to remain in Toledo started her personal search concerning how to belong in her new community. Along the way, women mentors helped her find her path. Nina explains, “I am who I am because of all those women. It is now my turn to serve others who do not feel they belong.’”

Nina believes that individuals and the community can benefit and grow through collaboration, stating, “Research tells us that it is natural for us, as social animals, to gravitate towards what we know, but that can also limit our experiences,” HerHub broadens the landscape for all women by providing a way for them to connect with women they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to know. Bringing women together from all backgrounds with many different talents helps individuals thrive and strengthens the community. “Women of Toledo’s superpower is mentorship and connections,” states Nina. HerHub makes that connection happen. To start connecting go to

Q&A with Nina Corder

What are words you live by?
You can’t be what you can’t see.  

What do you attribute your success to?
I’m not afraid to change the status quo.  I aim to see things from a different perspective so that I don’t stay stagnant!

What are your dreams for the future of HerHub?
I would love to see HerHub expand to multiple cities. It would be wonderful to be able to hop on a local HerHub while traveling!  We are already talking with women leaders in Detroit and so that may be our second HerHub. 

Who inspires you?
Do I have to choose just one person?  I will choose a group instead.  Our Young Women of Toledo group of 15-24 year olds inspires me a lot and makes me realize that the world is going to be awesome!

Do you have a favorite book or author?
Susan David’s Emotional Agility and anything by Brene Brown. 

You seem pretty busy.  How do you relax?
I love aromatherapy and a good massage. I also like walking in nature. 

If I had an eighth day of the week I would….
…keep it to myself!

People would be surprised to know…
…Nina is not my given name.