The Ultimate Field Guide Of Toledo’s Public Art

Are you looking to capture a photo in front of an awesome mural? You’re in luck, Toledo has plenty— and that’s not all. You can find tons of sculptures and statues. We even have bridges and buildings that light up the city when dusk approaches. Did I mention we have artist-themed bike racks? We do. Here is a list of public art to check out in the Toledo Area. 


Eternal Flame 

Lucas County Main Library public park on Michigan and Adams Street  

President William McKinley Statue 

Located on Adams Street outside the courthouse 

Strongman the Bike Protector  

Located on the corner of St. Clair and Lafayette Street 

Propylaea Sculpture 

Between One and Two Seagate 

Tragic Mask 

Outside Valentine Theatre 

Two Strings 

Located in front of Valentine Theatre 

Art Tatum Celebration Column 

Located in the Huntington Arena Plaza 

Revitalization of Man 

At the entrance of One Government Center 

City Candy 

Located at the Vistula Parking Garage on Summit Street 

Kabuki Dancer 

A block SW of the Valentine at the Corner of N. St. Clair and Madison Ave. 


Located on 811 Madison Ave. in front of the Hylant Building 


Located between Summit and Jackson Street 

Mural at the Ottawa Tavern 

Located at 1817 Adams St.


Located by the Ottawa Tavern at 1817 Adams St. 

Ladder Bike Rack 

Located by the Ottawa Tavern on Adams Street 

Swan Waves 

Located at the mouth of Swan Creek in Boeschenstein Park 

Stay Fresh, Stay Local mural

Located off Adams St., less than a block up Jackson on 14th St. 


Located on North Saint Clair Street; in front of Shared Lives Studio

Coffee Break

Located on 22 South Huron St.  

Thumbs Up 

Located on 22 South Huron St. 

Artomatic419! Mural

Located on the side of Homemade Toledo 

Double Dipper 

Located on the corner of Adams and 12th Street  

Some Machine Bike Rack 

Located on the corner of Adams and 12th Street 

Magic Frog Mural

Located on Adams Street behind The Attic


Located on 151 N. Michigan St. in front of the Davis Building 

The Owl 

Located on the corner of Adams and 15th Street

Toledo Loves Love Mural

 Located on the side of Georgjz419 Bar 

The Raindrop 

Located on Adams Street in front of the lifetime building 

The Sailboat

Located on Adams Street in front of Manhattan’s pub 

The High Level Bridge  

Located on Adams and Jackson Street 

Chaos Machine 

Located at the entrance of the imagination station 

Jumping Fish 

Located on the corner of Ottawa and Broadway Street 

Knitting Needles

Located at the corner of S. Superior and Market Street 

RBG Mural 

Located at the ProMedica Building on Water St. 

Green Space Mural 

Located at the ProMedica Building on Water St. 

Wood Grain

Located at the corner of S. Superior and Washington Street 

Naima Finds A Cicada Mural 

Located between Festival Park and the Imagination Station


Located in front of the Ohio Building 

Rotation Bike Rack 

Located across from the Spaghetti Warehouse 

Magic Frog Mural

Located on Adams Street behind The Attic

Word Bike Rack 

Located on 17th St. next to The Attic 


Located on 17th St. next to The Attic 

Civic Center Mall 

Perspective Arcade Sculpture 

Located on N. Erie Street 

The Guardian Statue 

Located on N. Erie Street 

Viet Nam Peace Arch Memorial And Plaza 

Located on Spielbusch Avenue 

Vortex VI

Located outside of Toledo’s Municipal Courthouse 

Promenade Park 

Echo Sculpture 

Located on Water Street 

Field Trip 

Located on N. Superior Street 

Kids Art in the Park 

Located on N. Superior Street 

The Family Sculpture 

Located on N. Summit Street 

Sun Obelisk Sculpture 

Located on Water Street 

Dazzle Colonnade 

Located in ProMedica’s Depot parking garage

Tower of Lights 

Located at the stairwell tower of ProMedica’s Depot parking garage

Warehouse District 

Major Ritual 

Located in Boeschenstein Park 

Artifacts of Childhood 

Located in the center of Children’s Park at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Plaza 

Silence and Rust 

Located at the entrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. plaza 

Toledo Rise Sculpture 

Located on S. Erie Street 


Located at the division of water building on Erie Street 

Anthony Wayne Bridge Lighting Project

Located on Clayton Street  

East and North Sides 

Fire Station NO. 13 

Located at the entrance of Birmingham, at Front and Consaul Streets

Fort Industry Mural 

Located alongside the building on 1615 Ketcham St. passing Highway 280 

General James Steedman Sculpture 

Located at Riverside Park between Summit and Galena St. 

Radiance Mural 

Located on the Martin Luther King Bridge 

The Flame Sculpture 

Located between Main and First Street 

Toledo Spain Mural 

Located on 24 Main Street inside El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant 

Tribute Memorial Sculpture 

Located on Front Street at the Tribute Memorial Park on the East side


Located at the roundabout on Cherry street and Manhattan Boulevard 

Veterans’ Glass City Skywalk Lighting Project 

Located on Craig Bridge Street 

“You Are Beautiful” and “You Are Doing Great” Signs 

Located at International Park by the docks

Banana Stand Bike Rack 

Located on 163 Main St. in front of the old Friendly Beaver Records store 

Blue guitar Bike Rack 

Located on Main Street; in front of Frankie’s Inner City 

Little Red Fox 

Located in front of Navarre Park Health Center 

Fifth Third Field 

“I Got It” Statue  

Located on Monroe Street 

Main Entrance Gates 

Gates of Fifth Third Field 

Manhole Covers 

The 22 covers are located all around the park 

Who’s Up?

Located on the East Wall of Fifth Third Field

Leapfrog Bike Rack 

Located in front of the Blarney Irish Pub

Mr. 419 

Located next to Old Ye Cock N Bull Tavern 

Wood Grain 

Located in front of Packo’s at the park 

Ottawa & Scott Park 

Ottawa Gate 

Located at the entrance of Ottawa Park

Play Ball 

Located at University of Toledo’s Scott Park ball diamonds 

S.P. Jermain 

Located at Ottawa Park near the 1st tee golf course 

Serve and Protect Police Motto 

Located at Scott Park Police Station 

Current Forces 

Located in front of the Bowman-Oddy Laboratories Building at University of Toledo  

Portal Sculpture 

Located in the traffic circle east of Stranahan Hall at University of Toledo 

Surrounding Areas 

Harvard Circle Fountain 

Located near the Walbridge Park 

Walbridge Park Arch 

Located at Walbridge Park on South Broadway 

‘Close, Closer, Closet’ 

Located on 4298 Bellevue Rd. in the center of Close Park

House in Motion Sculptures

The five sculptures are located on Collingwood Avenue and between Ashland and Central Avenue 

Mud Life 

Located at Kleis Park in Point Place 

‘Never Does Nature Say One Thing And Wisdom Another’ Stone 

Located outside West Toledo Library 

Soliloquy on the Origins of Aboriginal Abstractions  

Located at the entrance to the Frederick Douglas Center 

Richard T. Gosser Memorial Sculpture 

Located on Adams Street 

Urban Orchard 

Located between Kenwood Blvd. and Densmore Dr. 

From Where I’m From Bike Rack 

Located on Collingwood Street in front of Black Kite Coffee

Lettuce Turnip the Beet 

Located on Broadway Street next to Vibrant Vegan

Restoration Union Mural 

Located at the Believe Center Inc. 



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