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Garden & Homestyle 2024

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Springtime is here, and so is the time to reignite your home and garden renovation ideas. Whether you are looking for cleaning or painting services, decorating assistance or your new home away from home, Toledo has great options for you. Local gardening and homestyle businesses discuss products and services, as well as the emphasis on strong customer relationships.

Molly Maid of NW Ohio

5110 Angola Road



Since 1984, customers have welcomed the trusted cleaning professionals from locally owned and operated Molly Maid businesses into their homes. Molly Maid provides above and beyond, worry-free, top-notch cleaning services.

Having a home professionally cleaned every two weeks. Dust can accumulate from a number of sources. Germs are always prevalent and with today’s germs/viruses, you can’t be too safe.

What’s a product/service customers should pay more attention to?

Dust in your ductwork accumulates over time. They should be cleaned periodically.

What’s your personal favorite product/service?

My wife loves having the home cleaned every two weeks. She likes the “Gift of Time” and with her shoulder replacement, this helps a lot. Happy Wife = Happy Life!

What’s the most useful product/service?

The recurring clean takes the pressure off cleaning at nights or even worse, on weekends. It keeps the house clean and fresh. If the husband has someone mowing the yard, the wife should definitely not feel guilty about having help with the house cleaning. The women often do everything their mom did plus, oftentimes, work full-time in addition.

Do you have any new additions or revolutionary products/services you want to promote?

Our products are environmentally safe. There are no perfumes, fragrances or bleaches in them. They are safe for pets, seniors, children, people with allergies, etc.

How do you feel your business has impacted the community?

As an Employer in NW, we are blessed to have 44 great people working for us. They make a good living wage and their working hours often match the hours of their children for school, etc. Being a working mom is a difficult task, so the work hours are very important.

Jeff’s Hauling & Cleanup

310 Mulberry St.

(419) 508-3782

Jeff’s Hauling & Cleanup on Facebook

Jeff’s Hauling & Cleanup is the Toledo area’s most trusted junk removal company. The staff brings 20+ years of experience to the job to ensure it is completed to your satisfaction. Jeff’s Hauling is licensed and insured.

Our most popular service that we offer is our cleanout service. Our full service cleanout service includes us performing the labor. All the client has to do is point and say “go.” Our cleanout service includes the garage, basement, attic and entire house.

What’s a product/service customers should pay more attention to?

Our full service junk removal. Our full service junk removal means we do all of the dirty work.

What’s your personal favorite product/service? 

I don’t have a personal favorite. My favorite is whatever our customers ask for as we are here to serve them.

What’s the most useful product/service? 

All of them. We all have junk that we need to get rid of and our junk removal service fits the bill.

How do you feel your business has impacted the community? 

We have had a positive impact on the community by providing a service that everyone needs. We have also organized community cleanups, donated to numerous charities and supported local businesses.

Laura’s Framing Place & Gallery

4400 Heatherdowns Blvd. #9


Laura’s Framing Place on Facebook

At Laura’s Framing Place & Gallery, you can pick out the exact frame, backing and other materials to display your personal photos, artwork and more. The staff provides help customizing your art or suggestions for other ways to preserve your memories.

Custom framing for a personal item that someone brings into the frame. Whether it is a family photo, a poster from a vacation, a diploma, a sports jersey from a favorite team, I help the customer with a design that will best showcase their memory. Many have never picked out matting or frames before, and there are many choices out there. I help them pick out the best for their keepsake, and within their budget.

What’s your personal favorite product/service? 

Framing someone’s vacation memories. I’ve seen so many cool posters, and photos of places people have been. I get to see places I’ll never get to.

What’s the most useful product/service? 

Helping people pick out what works well on their keepsake. From colors of mats and frames, to what type of glass should be used, or no glass at all on canvas paintings; acid-free matting, or regular paper mats on posters. My job is to educate the consumer on why they should use this mat, and not that one. Since every design is custom made for their piece, there isn’t a “usual way to frame things” at Laura’s Framing.

What is the most meaningful interaction you’ve ever had with a customer?

The most interaction I have with customers is hearing the stories behind their keepsakes: from a veteran/parent time in the service getting their medals framed or a signed jersey from a favorite athlete, to family photos from generations past that were found in the attic or a needlepoint done years ago by a grandmother; from a student star athlete and the proud parents framing the uniform shirt, to a memorial item for a funeral for a son that died too soon; there are many stories that I get to hear about why something is so important to get framed and keep those memories alive.

Westgate Residential Suites

3433 Oak Alley Court



Discover unparalleled comfort and luxury at Westgate Residential Senior Living, where we redefine 55+ senior apartments in Toledo, Ohio. Our active independent senior living community is designed to elevate your lifestyle with convenient features and amenities.

We are a luxury independent senior apartment community. The most popular offering we have that our residents really enjoy is the community room. The community room is lively every day with conversation and activity.

What’s a product/service customers should pay more attention to?

Our senior apartments are the largest in the area, with 1 bedrooms ranging in size from 650 sq ft all the way up to 1,112 sq ft, and our 2 bedrooms ranging from 1,070 sq ft up to 1,500 sq ft. Our apartments really do feel more like a house than an apartment.

What’s your personal favorite product/service?

Everything at Westgate Residential Suites is under one roof. The parking garage is attached to the building. The mail center is inside the building. The community room is inside the building. You will never need to walk through bad weather to get to your car, get your mail or socialize with other residents.

How do you feel your business has impacted the community?

For nearly 3 decades, Westgate Residential Suites has provided active seniors a place to call home. The sense of community here fosters deep relationships and peer support group that our residents really love.

The Norma Stark Memory Garden and Labyrinth

345 W South Boundary St.



With The Norma Stark Memory Garden and Labyrinth, everyone can seek sanctuary in a beautiful area. Designed by John Ridder, this 9-circuit adaptation of the French Chartres Labyrinth and accompanying garden were created in memory of Norma’s parents, as a space where anyone could find solace from dawn to dusk.

In the backyard of our property, we have a labyrinth which is a meditative tool, not a maze. It was started by Norma Swaisgood Stark to honor the memory of her parents. Over the years, many people have come to walk the labyrinth for various reasons. Our purpose is to provide a sanctuary for peace, prayer, meditation and healing. Along with the labyrinth there is a large garden for our guests to enjoy.

What’s a product/service customers should pay more attention to?

As our guests walk the labyrinth, they may be surprised by the positive thoughts they have and how they are able to enjoy the experience.

What’s your personal favorite product/service?

The setting of the garden and labyrinth is very peaceful. Coming to the garden to walk or to sit is beneficial. There are a number of perennials blooming at different times of the year, starting in the early spring.

What’s the most useful product/service?

The main feature of our location is the labyrinth which is modeled after the one in the Chartres Cathedral in France. Our friend, Norma, wanted to provide a place for people to meditate or pray in a more active way, by walking the labyrinth. Since it was completed in 2007, there have been individuals and groups coming to benefit from the experience. We continue her vision for this special place.

Do you have any new additions or products?

We have a Little Free Library in the front year. The variety of books is nice to see, and people are free to bring a book from the library or one of their own to the backyard and enjoy reading in the pleasant atmosphere of the garden.

How do you feel your business has impacted the community?

We have been told by many of our guests that this place has achieved the goal of being a sanctuary for peace, prayer, meditation and healing. We have had guests return several times as they feel the need for this type of setting.

Painting Services Plus

5242 Angola Rd. #75


Painting Services Plus on Facebook

Painting Services Plus LLC is your one stop shop for all your painting and construction needs.

Kitchen cabinet painting. We paint, on average, 30 kitchens a year. We also repaint a lot of houses, interior and exterior. 

What’s a product/service customers should pay more attention to?

The re-staining of their decks and fences. They require maintenance every three years. I’ve seen hundreds of failing, rotted decks due to neglect.

What’s your personal favorite product/service?

Exterior house painting. Seeing the transformation from one color to another while making the house look brand new again is an amazing feeling.

What’s the most useful product/service?

I’m not sure what the most useful would be, but we do also install vinyl plank flooring, doors, trim molding and handrails. We provide an array of helpful services.

Do you have any new additions or revolutionary products/services you want to promote?

We now offer wallpaper handling, something we haven’t really done in the past due to not having an experienced hanger. We now have one! 

How do you feel your business has impacted the community?

We impact the community by keeping it looking good and new year after year. By providing services homeowners and businesses could not do on their own. Painting Services Plus also provides employment to 11 amazing people which in turn helps the community.

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