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Frankel Dentistry Missing Teeth Meet and Greet

Toledo’s 14-year consecutive best dentist winner, Frankel Dentistry, continues to serve the city for over 78 years. In addition to winning Best of Toledo, the business was elected the prestigious BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics in 2023. 

Wednesday, May 29 from 6 pm to 8 pm at 5012 Talmadge Road Frankel Dentistry offers a meet and greet with a fellow from International Dental Implant Association, Dr. Cyrus Razmgar. Snacks will also be present at the event for guests to enjoy.

The function allows attendees to learn about tooth replacement with dental implants. According to Dr. Jon Frankel and Dr. Razmgar, missing teeth cause complications affecting how patients chew, speak and smile.


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Teeth are susceptible to shifting which changes the bite causing stress, jaw pain or headaches due to tooth loss.

To obtain more details about the meet and greet or Frankel Dentistry, call 419-474-9611 or visit their website at jonfrankeldentistry.com. Frankel Dentistry has locations in Maumee and Oregon as well.

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