ProMedica Launches AAA HealthCONNECT in Toledo The new program features services for seniors in the area

ProMedica has launched their new partner program, AAA HealthCONNECT. The program helps 55+ year olds in the Toledo, Dayton and Cincinnati area with any health related questions and challenges they face.

Patients can access AAA HealthCONNECT via phone or web chat. Users are guaranteed carefully curated and reliable information from trusted resources and medical professionals. The service is available through a membership system.

AAA HealthCONNECT CEO Kathleen Krueger says “As we move through the journey of healthy aging, finding the right support system to navigate retirement, manage our health, or simply to learn and share experiences can make a difference in our members’ lives. This time in a member’s life shouldn’t be challenging. AAA HealthCONNECT was developed for our members’ needs, curated and relevant to their age, and we will be with them as they navigate through their healthy aging journey.”

Through the program members have access to a website of curated and reliable information, experts for all health related questions, a free online fitness program and an online marketplace for products and services for daily needs. Members are also offered Medicare, retirement, social security and caregiving services.

“AAA HealthCONNECT is a Member community. By joining, you have access to our Member Navigators who are real people, answering your calls, listening to your needs and providing quality information and resources,” says Josh Peyton, AAA CLub Alliance Chief Operating Officer. “You can also find others like you who are in similar situations, willing to share their experiences and make connections along the way.”

Memberships are $24.99 per month, with a one time enrollment fee of $59.99. Current AAA members will receive a waived enrollment fee.

AAA HealthCONNECT is available now in the Toledo area. There are administrative offices in Toledo and a member navigation center and marketing support in Cincinnati. It will be launching in Dayton and Cincinnati in April and expanding to other markets later in 2022.

For more details and membership information, visit the AAA HealthCONNECT website.



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