Vaccines and the Elderly

. February 2, 2021.
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My neighbor just got her first vaccine; it took her three days of telephoning to get an appointment.  A friend of mine has spent recent days arranging vaccine appointments for her elderly mother’s friends, who can’t do it themselves.

Another friend sent me this note, “Signing up on the website was not difficult, got verification back right away BUT the next email of where to call went to my JUNK mail. If I hadn’t checked it, I would have missed the locations. Although the note tells me if I need help, call 212 or the Area Office on Aging. I tried both just to try and never did get through.”

.The Lucas County Board of Health website provides information about vaccines but I found that navigating the site to schedule an appointment is confusing.

 Promedica’s website explains, “Due to overwhelming demand, it may be difficult for you to get through to ProMedica’s call centers. Please keep calling during active scheduling until you are put on hold to speak with a scheduler.

Similarly, Mercy Healthcare advises, “At this time, there is limited vaccine supply and we schedule patients as the vaccine is available. We expect these appointments to fill up quickly and appreciate your patience as we work through the process of providing vaccines to those in our communities.

One of the most at risk populations for contracting Covid, older adults,  is having trouble getting the vaccine because they are often not computer savvy, have compromised eyesight (making using the computer or telephone difficult), lack the stamina required to schedule an appointment or they may have transportation issues, making scheduling and  getting to a vaccine appointment difficult.

There isn’t a lot of help for this at-risk population.  As a child, grandchild, friend or neighbor of a senior, please offer to help.  Maybe you can better weave through the websites and portals and assist a senior to get her/his vaccine.

Contact information for Vaccines:

For the most part, vaccines are scheduled through the Lucas County Health Dept.


Lucas County Health Department

635 N. Erie St.

Toledo, OH 43604



Mercy Health System






University of Toledo Medical Hospital

Make appointment through Lucas County Health Dept.



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