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Fit & Healthy Water Exercise

Easy on the joints and good for all over are water exercise classes. A warm pool in the chilly months feels good and is welcoming to people wanting a fun, effective workout.

There are a number of options for interested older adults.

2543 N. Reynolds Rd.
419 690 6587
Aqua cycling and aqua fit classes offered.
Prices start at $10.00

ProMedica Forever Fit
2865 N. Reynolds Rd.
419 539 0235
“Aqua-Robics” is taught.
$77/month membership gets you unlimited access to the entire gym.

St. James Club
7337 W. Bancroft
419 841 5597
Classes include water aerobics, “aquacize” and “silver splash”
Various prices for memberships.  This is a Silver Sneakers facility.

All the Y’s with pools offer water exercise classes including zumba, arthritis aquatics and more depending on the particular Y.
Membership is required.  Prices vary depending on income, etc.

Super Fitness
343 Northtown Square Dr.
419 476 6018
1207 N. Reynolds Rd.
419 535 7333
Both gyms offer daily aqua fitness classes.
Membership is required.

TIP:     Inquire about a free or low-cost trial at the full service gyms before signing a membership contract.

TIP: Inquire about “pool only” memberships at the full service gyms.

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