Refreshing Cantaloupe Salad

This is a great time of year for fresh. I like combining fruits and vegetables in interesting ways. I also love foods using lots of fresh herbs from my garden. My daughter knows these things about me and sent me the following recipe, something she found on the internet, that she correctly thought I would enjoy.  I hope you will also enjoy this salad.

1 cantaloupe, diced

½ english cucumber, thinly sliced

¼ C loosely packed mint leaves, julienned

¼ C loosely packed basil leaves, julienned

1 pint raspberries (I used blueberries instead)


Mix all, except fruit, together.

2 TBSP lemon Juice

2 TBSP fruity olive oil

1 TBSP honey

Sea salt to taste

Whisk together and pour over the cantaloupe mixture.

Gently mix in berries.



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