Nagoya’s New Take On Traditional Cuisines

. May 1, 2019.
Nagoya Alaskan Special Roll and Put in Bay Roll

Mel and Barb Ayers created Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi to present their favorite aspects of Asian fusion as a fine dining experience in Northwest Ohio.

We entered the Levis Commons restaurant on a Thursday evening and were met with warm lighting and an open space with several hibachi tables, many of which had chefs entertaining groups celebrating birthdays or otherwise treating themselves to a night of food-based entertainment. We were seated near the sushi bar, where we could still enjoy the show put on in the center room, but far enough removed for a more intimate date night experience.

For starters

As someone who could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner, my eyes scanned the sushi checklist in front of me as soon as we sat down. My dining companion, however, was in the mood for steak. We began with an appetizer special, the creamy garlic scallops, seared and served atop a bed of spinach then drizzled with a rich sauce. This proved to be the ideal start for our meal as sushi chefs carefully assembled the two rolls I had ordered in the background. You’ll want to squeeze a little lemon juice onto those scallops (a tip from our server); the tart flavor married with the heavy cream sauce made for a nice combination.

A trip to Put-in-Bay

My sushi came with a salad tossed in a tasty ginger dressing along with a small bowl of miso soup. Served with bits of tofu and seaweed, the hot soup was comforting on the chilly, rainy evening we visited the restaurant.

Soon, we were served the Alaskan special roll, a California roll topped with salmon and avocado. The salmon was so fresh and tender that it practically melted in my mouth but, for me, the star of the show was the Put-in-Bay roll. The perfect incorporation of a crunchy cooked roll with fresh raw fish, Put-in-Bay is a must try. The contrast between the tempura fried shrimp, cream cheese, and tuna topped with roe from various fish was a treat for my taste buds.

Happy Sumo

As Nagoya is also well known for its steaks, my dining partner went with the festively named Happy Sumo, an 18 ounce bone-in ribeye served with wasabi mashed potatoes, asparagus (veggies vary by season), and onion rings. The expertly grilled rare steak did not disappoint, and we both absolutely loved the wasabi mashed potatoes. For those who are reticent to order anything with wasabi for fear of overwhelming flavor, these potatoes are the perfect gateway for trying something new. The hint of wasabi gave the creamy mash just the right amount of kick to keep things interesting.

Happy Sumo at Nagoya

I always appreciate a restaurant that changes up their menu to reflect the season. The vegetable for the current menu— asparagus— was grilled to the perfect level of crispness and dusted with sea salt. As for the onion rings— who can have any complaints about a dish topped with onion rings? — they made for a flavorful addition to accompany a decadent meal. We left happy and will definitely be back again to try their sweet martinis made with Godiva chocolate.

Nagoya at Levis Commons
Lunch: 11:30am-2pm, Thursday-Sunday.
Dinner: 4:30-9pm, Sunday-Thursday and
4:30-10pm on Friday and Saturday.
6190 Levis Commons Blvd., Perrysburg
419-931-8400 |


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