French Potato Salad

Recently, I invited friends for a French picnic themed dinner.  We drank French 76’s (made with vodka and champagne), munched on almonds and Brie cheese and dove into a roast chicken dinner served with green beans, ohio-fresh tomatoes and French Potato Salad.

The entire meal was prepared in advance and served at room temperature.  This allowed for loads of uninterrupted conversation.  It was a delightful evening full of catching up and laughter.

This potato salad uses no mayonnaise.  It is a simple, well-seasoned side dish that my guests enjoyed.

Boil 2# scrubbed medium potatoes (red, yellow, fingerling – your choice) in salted water until just tender.

Strain and as soon as you can handle the hot potatoes, peel and cut into ¼” slices,  Spread on a sheet tray and then pour ¼ C white wine over the potatoes and allow all to rest allowing the spuds to absorb the wine.

Meanwhile mix 1 TB champagne vinegar, 1 TB lemon juice, 1 tsp dijon, ¼ tsp salt and pepper together and then whisk in 6 TB oil (olive or vegetable) making a vinaigrette.

Pour vinaigrette carefully over the potatoes.  Mix in shallots or chopped green onions to taste. Take care to mix gently to keep the pieces intact.

Move into a serving bowl and sprinkle with finely chopped herbs such parsley and/or tarragon.

Thanks to Julia Child for the basic recipe.


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