Meatless Monday – Garlicky Baked Tofu


Garlicky Baked Tofu

I have been trying to go with the  “Meatless Monday” concept, especially after heavy meat weekends.  From a healthy point of view, occasionally skipping meat makes sense to me.  (Being a vegetarian also makes sense but I am not a vegetarian even though I prepared vegetarian meals for 12 years to feed one of my children.)

I quite enjoy tofu and look for recipes that incorporate this bean curd for meatless meals. Recently, my daughter sent me the following garlicky baked tofu.  It knocked my socks off!  The amount of garlic and jalapeno used lead me to think my mouth would be burning after one bite.  This was not the case.  There was a kick, but only a kick of heat and the garlic infusion was present but certainly not overwhelming.

This is an easy preparation.  Two pans:  sheet pan to bake the tofu and a covered skillet.

I served this with rice.  Brown rice would be very good.


Additions and deletions are fine when making this recipe.  Use more or less garlic and/or jalapenos.  Add vegetables:  peas, water chestnuts, nuts, scallions, etc.

Provide sweetly pickled red onions or cucumbers as an accompaniment.

I hope you give Garlicky Baked Tofu a try some Monday.

Baked Tofu:

Garlicky Tofu: