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Day Trips/Summer Travel 2024

With school out, the weather nice and businesses ready for your patronage, summer 2024 is gearing up to be a good one. Make the most of your summer vacation by enjoying all the city has to offer – while also taking time to venture outside of the Toledo bubble for some fun in the sun. Check out these areas and what they have to offer through our travel games: iSpy, Bingo and 20 Questions.

Visit Fulton County

8848 State Highway 108 Suite 102



From wineries to rodeos to racetracks, there’s something for everyone of any age to discover in Fulton County. Embrace the outdoors, set up meetings, eat at varying restaurants, enjoy entertainment and stay up to date with the latest news of the area through Visit Fulton County.

20 Questions!

Answer the following yes or no questions to try and guess which place we’re hinting at –before you get to question 20!

  1. Is it a place?
  2. Is it in Ohio?
  3. Is it outdoors?
  4. Are there people?
  5. Are there animals?
  6. Are they mammals?
  7. Are they big?
  8. Are there birds, too?
  9. Is it award-winning?
  10. Does it enhance environmental quality?
  11. Are there fun events at this place?
  12. Can you buy specialty wool socks there?
  13. Can you find recipes for fun meals there?
  14. Can you buy grass-fed meat?
  15. Can you camp with the animals?
  16. Can you ride a tractor there?
  17. Can you find Monarch butterflies there?
  18. Is it a gem of Fulton County?
  19. Is it fun for the whole family?
  20. Is it the Bracy Gold Bison Ranch?


Wood County Park District

18729 Mercer Road



Visit the parks & preserves of the Wood County Park District. They’re free & open daily from 8 am until 30 minutes past sunset for you to experience. Hike the trails, connect with nature, register for public programs in nature education, outdoor adventure, cultural heritage, and wellness.


Solve these descriptive riddles to find the gems of the Wood County Park District.

Clue one: I spy with my little eye something in nature. I spy with my little eye a place for people to picnic and go on walks. I spy with my little eye a place where kids can play.

ANSWER: The parks! Wood County Park grounds are open 365 days a year from 8 am until sunset. Over 1,125 acres of park land is preserved for you to explore. Visit Otsego Park, Rudolph Bike Park and the William Henry Harrison Park. Check out the recreation spaces and preserves, too!

Clue two: I spy with my little eye something in the water. I spy with my little eye people in boats. I spy with my little eye a fun event for anyone to enjoy.

ANSWER: Paddle the Pond! Join WCPD on the 2nd and 4th Mondays in June, July and August from 4 pm to 7:30 pm at the W.W. Knight Nature Preserve. Equipment & instruction are provided.

Clue three: I spy with my little eye people coming together to reconnect and relax. I spy with my little eye a naturalist and meditation teacher leading a class. I spy with my little eye a combination of seated and mobile activities.

ANSWER: The Monthly Mindfulness Program! Join naturalist and meditation teacher Emma Taylor for a monthly nature-based mindfulness session at a local Wood County Park. Classes consist of a combination of seated and walking mindfulness practices and nature awareness activities. This class is appropriate for teens and adults and registration is required.

Visit Fort Wayne

927 South Harrison St.



Fort Wayne is for families, friends and those looking to enjoy a convenient getaway. With high-quality attractions that you’ll love, cool new neighborhoods, great places to eat and that big city, small-town feel, your next adventure awaits in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Mini Bingo!

Cross off these sights and activities as you see and do them in Fort Wayne this summer. Get three in a row up and down, side to side or diagonally to win!

The Whitehouse Inn

10835 Waterville St.



Crust Pizzeria

6792 Providence St.



Discover the Whitehouse Inn, nestled in the heart of Whitehouse, Ohio. Indulge in daily prepared cuisine that caters to your casual dining desires. The prime rib, seafood and steak offerings stand as favorites among the guests. Crust Pizzeria, owned and operated by The Whitehouse Inn team, offers a variety of authentic, handcrafted pizza, soups, salads and more.

The Alphabet Game

Name as many dishes as you can from The Whitehouse Inn and Crust Pizzeria as you go through each letter of the alphabet. Whoever can’t think of a dish for their letter loses. We gave you some dishes to start you out, noting Whitehouse Inn with (W) and Crust with (C). “FREE PASS” letters mean you can skip over them, but bonus points if you find a dish with the letter in it! 

A: Atomic Shrimp (W)
B: Baked Pizza Roll (C)
C: Cheesy Bacon BBQ Chicken (W)
D: Double Roni (C)
E: Eisenhower Salad (W)
F: Feta Dip (C)
G: Garlic Mashed Potatoes (W)
H: Hawaiian Paradise (C)
I: Italian Gondola (C)
J: Jacob’s Oink & Clunker (C)
K: Kenna Cakes (C)
L: Lasagna (C)
M: Meatballs (W)
N: Nashville Hot Takeover (C)
O: Liver and Onions (W) – FREE PASS
P: Perch (W)
Q: Quesadilla (W)
R: Reuben (W)
S: Spicy California (C)
T: Traditional Chunks (W)
U: Truman Tower (W) – FREE PASS
V: Veggies and more (C)
W: Wedge Salad (W)
X: Extreme Heat Sauce (W) – FREE PASS
Y: Build Your Own Pizza (C) – FREE PASS
Z: Pizza (C) – FREE PASS

Sauder Village 

22611 State Route 2



Make the past part of your future this summer with a visit to Sauder Village Ohio’s largest living history destination, a stroll through time from 1803 – 1920s. The Sauder Village experience moves guests from the modern, fast-paced world into a place that celebrates unforgettable sights, sounds and memories from the past.

Would You Rather?

Ask whoever you’re playing with these “Would You Rather?” questions based on all the attractions Sauder Village has to offer! Feel free to continue the questions with your own Sauder Village experience. 

Would you rather have the Prohibition Experience at the Broken Barrel or A Night at the Speakeasy?

Would you rather make a wood carving or a quilt?

Would you rather grab baked goods at Doughbox Bakery or get candy at Main Street Confections?

Would you rather ride the train or ride a horse and buggy?

Would you rather learn about history at the museum and exhibits or explore the farms and gardens?

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