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Two New Infusion Centers Open in Toledo

Comfortable, Cost-Effective IV and Injection Therapy

Infusion Associates and Horizon Infusions have both recently opened to Toledoans with chronic  or other conditions that need ongoing intravenous or injection therapies.  Infusion treatments are prescribed medications that are injected directly into the vein.

John Crawford, Director of Operations for Infusion Associates, explains why they opened a facility in Toledo: “We noticed that access to care was lacking due to a lot of changes in health care, insurance, as well as advancements in health care. So we looked at that market and we said, You know what? The Toledo market is underserved.” 

The need for infusion centers is growing largely due to a newer family of medications called biologics used to treat a wide variety of chronic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Crohn’s disease, colitis. Biologics are making a “huge difference in patients’ lives, just being a much better form of treatment. They are being tolerated extremely well and providing great results,” according to Heather Stachowiak, RN and Clinical Account Executive at Horizon Infusions. 

One of the main services of infusion centers is to Improve quality of life for those with chronic conditions that require medication infusions. Often having a chronic condition means that patients may need these treatments for the rest of their lives, so making medication therapy more comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective means that patients are more likely to get the treatments they need. 

While infusion centers don’t provide chemotherapy there are a range of additional conditions that an infusion center might provide treatment for including pediatric chronic conditions, immunotherapy for cancer, COVID treatments, enzyme replacement and hydration for pregnant women with hyperemesis. 

Infusion Center Benefits

Comfort: Many infusion centers offer private rooms and offer other comfort care items such as television, Wi Fi, warm blankets, healthy snacks, and drinks.  Both infusion centers have a priority for professional, safe care in an environment that is as home-like as possible. Staff want patients to feel like family. 

Convenience: Scheduling is available nearly every day of the year, including evening, early morning, and weekend appointments.  It is much faster than receiving treatment at a hospital as patients don’t have long wait times or to navigate the hospital system. Patients can schedule on days and times that work with their job and lives. 

Cost: Infusion centers are much less costly than going to the hospital as well. They take Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurance. Staff will help patients navigate insurance and may even be able to look for additional financial assistance. “We just want to make sure that patients are able to get the care that they need and still be able to pay for the things that they want to do that are fun,” says Stachowiak.  

“We treat every employee like a family member, and we translate that for our patients. It’s something that over my 30 years of being in healthcare, I can say that we are truly patient-focused,” says Crawford about his center. They also encourage patients to bring family members to sit with them as well. 

We’re excited to open up our location in Perrysburg before the end of the year to support the rest of the community.

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