Fit & Healthy: Pickle Ball

All the rave is pickleball.  I have no idea why but think it might be because the games are fun, do not require training, and can be as competitive as the players determine.  Some participate in tournaments, others follow-up the games with cocktails.

No matter how you approach pickleball, it was a sport and does get you moving, so it clearly falls under the category of Fit & Healthy.

The game is played on a court about the size of a badminton court (often tennis courts are relined for this sport).  Players, usually four, 2 per side), use a paddle and ball that looks like a wiffle ball to hit the ball back and forth across a net, much like tennis, until one team wins.

It is a great sport for seniors as it is not hard on the body, does not require the running associated with tennis, helps release stress and is a great social activity.

There are many places to play pickleball in the greater Toledo area.  Check out these sources:

Many of the YMCA’s in the area offer year round pickleball.

Sylvania Pickleball Club.

Toledo Pickleball.

Monclova Community Park (outside).
4335 Albon Road, Monclova

Toledo City Parks offer many outdoor tennis courts which can be used as informal courts.

Strawberry Acres in Holland has outdoor courts. 950 S McCord Rd, Holland, OH 43528

Sylvania (indoor).

Sylvania (outdoor).

Rossford (indoor).



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