Fit and Healthy on Thanksgiving

We love Thanksgiving.  Gathering with friends and family.  No gifts, just time, love and traditions. And, of course, food. Mountains of food.  

We are not here to tell you to watch your diet on Thanksgiving.  What fun is that?  But we will make a few suggestions on how to manage all that food with a little exercise.

On November 21, Toledo Roadrunners hosts a run at Ottawa Park. Register and learn more at this site:

On Thanksgiving day, there are two races.  One is the Dave’s Running Shop/ PromedicaTurkey Chase Run/walk starting on Summit Street at co-sponsor WTOL’s building. More information and registration is at:

The Eastside YMCA is also sponsoring a walk/run on Thanksgiving day.  Check out the details at:

Races are not the only way to make room for Thanksgiving dinner.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Walk or run the trails of a nearby park – take family members for fun.
  • Follow an exercise video on YouTube
  • Dance party -Turn up the music and dance around your living room and kitchen – include everyone in your home!
  • Take a bicycle ride.
  • Do jumping jacks, burpees, or push-ups during the football game ads.
  • Gather family and friends for frisbee, tag football, running races.
  • Check with your gym to see if it is open for a morning workout.
  • Make the cooking a workout:

We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.



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