EDITOR’S NOTE – November 2020

Dear Readers,

In this, our last issue for 2020, I’m thinking about a year dominated by Covid-19 – births, deaths, schools, jobs, elections, social activities.  I have maintained a positive attitude with my family, weaving our way through a life of social distancing, masks, handwashing while missing our friends and hugs.  Overall, my family has done well and it is our intention to continue beyond “the virus” by welcoming 2021 with kindness and a sincere plan to do what we can to help others and make 2021 a better year.

Assembling MLiving magazine has been a lifesaver this year.  Working with our co-publishers, sales reps, advertisers, writers and designers to piece together an accessible, readable magazine for our 50+ crowd gave me a focus. This issue features local services for women veterans. Another article addresses the often unconsidered effects of COVID-19 on disabled persons.  We have a piece about senior isolation – something we must address for ourselves and our parents. To add some fun, we showcase photos and thoughts from grandparents celebrating their newest grandchildren.

At this time of year, many are making donations to charities.  We have an article that explains the difference between charity and philanthropy and points out some of the options.

For times during November and December that we can’t
face preparing another meal, we gathered a list of restaurants and caterers that will help you to feed your visiting family, at your home.

And don’t miss our profile of Katy Crosby, the City of
Toledo’s Chief of Staff.  Toledo is lucky to have her.

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Enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate and please, be kind.


Kyle Alison Cubbon

Assignment Editor



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