Are you wondering what the odd green, yellow and white grids friends are posting on their Facebook pages?  Wordle, the newest fad online. It is a once a day, one player game that challenges the player to figure out the daily secret word in no more than six tries.

A green box surrounds a letter that is in the secret word in the correct space.  Yellow boxes letters in the secret word, but in the wrong place in your attempt and white is just, plain wrong.

Wordle 223      3/6

The player builds upon the clues obtained in attempts and tries to figure out the secret word in the fewest attempts. 

There are no other clues and giving correct letters to friends and family is poor form – no matter how much they beg!! It is also disapproved to type the secret word on your Facebook page.

Why are so many playing?  Here are our best guesses:

  • Wordle is fun
  • It is once a day only
  • Everyone in the world is looking for the same word each day
  • It challenges our brain
  • When we do well, we can show off
  • When we do poorly, we can keep it to ourselves
  • It is free

If you haven’t already, play Wordle at www.powerlanguage.co.uk › wordle