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Musica Antigua de Toledo Presents Spring Concert

Musica Antigua de Toledo’s spring concert is set for Sunday, May 5, 3:30pm at All Saints Lutheran Church, 5445 Heatherdowns Blvd.

Their spring concert is entitled War, Peace & Harmonie and is free to the public. Donations to the group are accepted.

The non-profit music group performs and spreads their love for early European music, including Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music.

The group recreates the music using “as much historical accuracy as possible, using various combinations of voice and period instruments,” their website states.

They use many instruments that date back to before 1800 CE, including the Psaltery, the Symphonium, the Lute, the Harpsichord and much more. Find all the instruments the group uses on the Musica Antigua de Toledo website.

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The group was started by Dr. Alice Neff Peterson in 1979 and since then the group has been spreading their love for early European music.

The current members of the group include several talented Toledo locals, Dr. Peterson, Barbra Neff Craig, Donald H, Jackson, Sandra Kellogg, Andrew Phillips and Andrew Kissell.

They also offer education sessions to children interested in learning more about traditional early European music. Find more information on their educational programs on the website.

For more information on Musica Antigua de Toledo, visit musicaantiguatoledo.org.

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