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Cannabis Use Booming in Baby Boomers—One of the Fastest Growing Groups to Use Marijuana

Tessa’s primary care physician advised her to take melatonin to help with the sleep and wrote her prescriptions for the other ailments. Tessa confesses, “I would take 12 melatonin pills, plus all my other meds that I’m on, and I still couldn’t sleep. There were days when I had to go home early because I was afraid it wouldn’t be safe for me (to wait any longer) to drive [from exhaustion].”

Health + Wellness 2019

Looking for ways to practice more self-care? Make 2019 your year. Whether your goal is getting fit, spending more time on yourself, or something else, local experts have you covered with helpful tips, tricks, and ways to experience what you should love the most— yourself.

Your Best Self in 2019: Eating Right and Staying Fit as We Age

A new year always brings motivation to make changes for the better, the potential to find ways to reach our full potential and live our best lives. You might be making New Year’s resolutions about your career, relationships or, more often than not, your health. This issue is all about taking care of yourself.