A natural wellness journey

. March 3, 2015.

by Kathleen Bresnahan-Dewar

Holistic, natural and alternative methods use non-invasive and prescription-free options.  These methods support the whole person—body, mind and spirit—and the goal is to treat all elements to maintain good health. In the Toledo area, we have many providers with excellent holistic knowledge and methods.

Aches and pains

Dr. Eleanor Host, M.D., has been delivering complete care to patients at Whole Family Medical Care since 1995.  Same-day office visits can be made by calling first thing each morning.  Her family-friendly methods include scientific healing (conventional) for all health concerns, with additional focus on sound exercise, nutrition, herbal remedies, acupuncture, mental health, lifestyle and weight loss options.  Dr. Host said that “Whole Family stresses the whole self . . .  If you focus only on the science aspect of treatment, you miss other pieces of the puzzle that balance out treating the patient as a whole.  By addressing the whole body, many patients may not need science to treat. By taking care of yourself, you can do a lot to keep good health.”  

Whole Family Medical Care, 28442 E. River Rd., Perrysburg. 419-872-3250, wholefamilymedicalcare.com.

Located in downtown Perrysburg since 2002,  Body & Sole Massage Therapy and  Reflexology Center offers a variety of massage therapies. Owner/Director Yvonne Fey added, “For years I saw benefits of massage therapy  in professional and recreational sports. Additionally, when  my dad became ill and hospitalized, I saw there was much more benefit from massage than just the physical aspect.” Fey is also an Olympic Sports Massage Therapist and provides therapy to the Toledo Walleye hockey team. The licensed staff specializes in many areas, including stress and relaxation, sport and trauma injuries, pain management, hot stone, Reiki, reflexology and oncology massage. 

419-873-7653, bodyandsolemassagetherapy.com.

The Healing Hands Wellness Center in Toledo offers natural solutions for many conditions. Chris Holderman, certified clinical hypnotherapist and practicing professional kinesiologist has 20 years in the field, 13 of those years in Toledo. “I was inspired to pursue this field because I was chosen for demonstration purposes at a Kinesiology retreat years ago. I was intrigued with the experience.”  Healing Hands brings natural treatments using hypnotherapy and methods in applied and behavioral kinesiology to patients.  The health concerns addressed include weight loss, smoking cessation, grief, addictions, pain, stress and emotional management, sleep disorders and headaches.  With hypnotherapy, Holderman emphasized that the goal is to “help people accomplish what they want to do. People are in control at all times. We can’t force people to do anything. They must want to make a behavior change.”   

3450 W. Central Ave. 419-277-3556, healinghandsoftoledo.com.

Nature’s medicine

Dr. Maleigh White of Toledo Naturopathic is the only licensed Naturopathic doctor in Northwest Ohio. Naturopathy uses safe and effective natural remedies.  “I watched as my mother experienced health issues not helped by conventional medicine. In a short time, as she received natural treatments, I saw her health improve.  As I began my medical education, I changed my course of study from conventional to natural medicine,” Dr. White explained.  Serving patients of all ages since 2011, Dr. White continues to deliver treatments for digestion, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and women’s health.  Her therapy can embrace a focus on nutrition, homeopathy, herbal and vitamin supplementation, hydrotherapy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. 

723 Phillips Ave., Bldg. C. 419-376-6104, toledonaturopathic.com.

 At Shineology, owner Ashima Rae offers something healthy and tasty for everyone. “ We have the fastest slow food in town!  My health journey has been 20 years long . . . I went completely raw four years ago and saw a big shift in how I feel,” she explained. Menu items are prepared to be eaten on the go and for quick purchase. As 2015 continues, Ms. Rae plans to add raw chef training and educate parent groups on building healthy nutritional foundations for children. 

Shineology Organic Juicery & Live Food Emporium, 130 10th St. 419-386-1059, shineologyjuice.com

Loosen up

Sufferers of arthritis or frequent joint pain have a new friend in town—Sweat Equity Sauna & Juice Bar. The only infrared sauna in the area offers healing through a sauna session that feels just like sunlight (no steam!) and is recommended for individuals who have joint pain or mobility issues. 

Sweat Equity, 1508 S. Reynolds Rd., Maumee. 419-887-1598, sweatequitysaunas.com


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