Restaurants Offering Healthy Options!

. January 14, 2021.

Happy New Year! Did you eat your way through the holidays? Need or want to shed a few pounds? Still want to enjoy restaurant fare? Diets and restaurants are not necessarily incompatible.

The USDA gives these tips for making healthy choices at restaurants. Drink water, split meals, pick salads full of vegetables with dressing on the side, be mindful of calories and resign your membership in the “clean plate club.”

The Mayo Clinic helpfully reminds us to be mindful of hidden calories which are often found in sauces, cheeses, fried foods, bread baskets and salads packed with meats and cheeses.

Other ways to be aware of the calories you are ingesting while eating restaurant food include requesting steamed vegetables with a squeeze of lemon, asking the server, when the food arrives at your table, to immediately pack half of your meal in a go box, order fish, ask the kitchen to hold buttery sauces, eat less during the day if you are going out for dinner, skip dessert, chew slowly, select local restaurants that serve healthy food and are more prone to cater to your diet.

Here is a list of locally-owned restaurants serving up some healthy, diet-friendly options. Many of these local restaurants are serving up the best ethnic foods. Not sure what the item is? Ask. Local chefs are proud of their food and want you to learn.

Fowl and Fodder
614 Adams St. | 419-214-1588 |
Avocado toast, tomato benedict, carrot&squash tacos

3154 Markway Road | 419-407-5586
106 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg | 419-872-5800
Veggie kabob, chicken gyro, red lentil soup

Leaf and Seed
116 10th St. | 419-407-5333 |
“Plant based comfort food”

4082 Monroe St. | 419-473-0885 |
1050 S. Reynolds Road | 419-382-1600 |
Baba ghanouj, falafel, salmon

LaVie Mediterranean Grille
1572 Spring Meadows Drive, Holland | 419-865-1575 |
Shawarma, red snapper, mujaddara

4900 N. McCord Road, Sylvania | 419-882-1796 |
Build a bowl, rice-tawook-toppings

QQ Kitchen
3324 Secor Road #4 | 419-720-8703 |
Lettuce wraps, egg drop soup, black bean noodle

1701 Adams St. | 419-244-4479 |
Greek salad, lentil & veggie soup, chicken oregano

Star of India
415 S. Reynolds Road | 419-720-6452 |
Chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, mulgtawny soup

336 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee | 419-893-2303 |
Foul mudamas, fatoush, shrimp kabob

BlueWater Grille
461 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee | 419-724-2583 |
fresh fish, oysters

Tiger Bakery
4215 Monroe St. | 419-473-8942
6710 W. Central Ave. | 419-842-0047
Lentil-carrot salad, tabooli, lubia

3065 W. Bancroft St. | 419-535-9494 | Ferdos Facebook
Falafel, chargrilled chicken, crushed lentil soup

Balance Pan-Asian Grille
5860 Central Ave. | 419-587-7777
215 N. Summit St. | 419-243-2222
514 The Blvd, Maumee | 419-893-9999
26520 N. Dixie Hwy., Perrysburg | 419-874-7777
Buddha bowl, bangbang tacos, bubble tea

4625 W. Bancroft St. | 419-558-3900 |
Laban, sujuk, shakshooka

Mancy’s Steakhouse
953 Phillips Ave. | 419-467-4154 |
Lean filet mignon, lobster

Georgio’s Cafe International
426 N. Superior St. | 419-242-2424 |
Fresh fish, organic spinach salad, veal

5127 Main St., Sylvania | 419-517-9999 |
V-Twelve soup, vegetarian pizza, hummus tabouli wrap

Poco Piatti
6710 Central Ave.
3155 Chappel Dr., Perrysburg
419-931-0281 |
Shrimp asti-spumante, cabbage rolls, roasted beet salad

Bangkok Kitchen
582 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee | 419-897-7777 | Bangkok Kitchen Facebook
Spring roll, Hot & Sour soup, pad pineapple

Jing Chaun
4424 Secor Rd. | 419-472-9612 |
Tiger skin roll, dragon & phoenix combo, sea scallops

DOMO Sushi
6725 Central Ave. | 419-214-0999 |
Sushi, sashimi, spicy fish bowl

Real Seafood Company
22 Main St. | 888-456-3463 |
Fresh fish, oysters, mussels

Cocina de Carlos
27072 Carronade Dr. Suite F / 419-872-0200 /
Tortilla soup, ceviche asado, magan salad

Carlos Poco Loco
1809 Adams Street 419-214-1655 /
Vegan tamale, vegan pineapple, whole pinto beans

3344 Secor Rd / 419.725.9444
3555 Navarre Ave, Oregon / 419.214.1027
5464 Monroe St / 419.214.0386
5318 Heatherdowns Blvd – TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Shawarma, falafel, grape leaves, hummus


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  Happy New Year!  Did you eat your way through the holidays?  Need or want to shed a few pounds?  Still want to enjoy restaurant fare?  Diets and restaurants are not necessarily incompatible.  The USDA gives these tips for making healthy choices at restaurants.  Drink water, split  meals, pick salads full of vegetables with dressing

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