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Your Best Self in 2019: Eating Right and Staying Fit as We Age

A new year always brings motivation to make changes for the better, the potential to find ways to reach our full potential and live our best lives. You might be making New Year’s resolutions about your career, relationships or, more often than not, your health. This issue is all about taking care of yourself.

A 12,000 Mile Journey Around the U.S.—Biking for Charity

No stranger to long journeys on his bike (which he has nicknamed Floyd in honor of Charles Floyd of the Lewis and Clark Expedition), Thompson, at 67 years old, planned a daunting trip, a 12,000-mile trek along the perimeter of all 48 contiguous states. “Around 2013, I thought I should do one more long trip,” Thompson said. “I decided to do it for (the benefit of) a couple of causes.”