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Neighborhood Health Association’s New Facilities Set Community Standards

Toledo’s Neighborhood Health Association (NHA), a community health organization, operates 11 Toledo area clinics to serve young and old, homeless, those with mental health challenges and other disadvantaged citizens. NHA’s mission, “to put health within reach of all community members, regardless of the ability to pay, through equal access to quality medical care and educational

Sisters-in-law to receive the 2017 Outstanding Program Award

Foundation has announced a list of honorees for its Annual Awards Dinner. Recognizing individuals or groups in various fields of legal service, the honorees include Toledo’s Sisters-in-Law, a pro bono collective of female attorneys who work in conjunction with Mom’s House to provide legal assistance and mentorship to at-risk single mothers. Sisters-in-Law is receiving the

Mona Lisa Laser Treatment New help for postmenopausal women

Every woman goes through menopause, but that doesn’t mean they need to suffer in silence. When estrogen levels decline due to menopause, women experience changes in their gynecologic health including things such as intimacy concerns, dryness, urinary incontinence and vaginal atrophy. Studies show that only 25% of women seek help from their doctor, believing it’s