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Homelessness in Our Community

They exist in every community. We pass by them without noticing. They may ask for money, with or without a sign that says “please help.” And like all societal problems, our reactions are a mix of pity, irritation, embarrassment, sympathy, and bewilderment. Homeless people. In the most prosperous country in the world, our giving, vibrant

Frugal Food

We like food. As we get older we like it alot. It isn’t because our tastes change, it is because our available time does. Gone are the days of grab and drive meals, wolfed down like a high school lunch between classes. We now have the time and energy to enjoy our meals. That enjoyment,

Easing the Challenges of Airline Travel

When it comes to air travel, comfort, glamour, even safety seem to have flown from the travel experience at jet speed. More and more people are complaining about the waits, the space, the treatment, the expense and the entire experience. Given its constraints, air travel can elevate concerns beyond just being uncomfortable; it can raise

Long Term Care Insurance

Discussing insurance, any type of insurance, can become contentious. A conversation, as we age, on what coverages we need or don’t need often seems more centered in politics than coverage and affordability. Long term care insurance is no different. Tied into what is and isn’t “health care”, whether certain coverage is necessary, if you should

Grandparents in Transition

We all know the grandparents, aunts, or uncles we want to be. That image, brought to us from television, is the funny and charming star who, played by a beloved veteran actor, brings wisdom and levity into a household filled with rules and homework. All of us want that role. And we’ve waited a lifetime

Navigating the Auto Market

Car buying used to be simple. If you could afford a new car, you picked the model and color at your favorite dealership, signed some paperwork, then diligently made payments and drove that car until it gave up from exhaustion. Or— a less expensive alternative— you saved some money and sought out a used car,